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    Hows it goin thanks for checking out my forum, please feel free to follow or comment on my work. Some basics really quick this is my second grow and im using the following setup.
    Four 130w LED lights
    Five gallon buckets with Happy Frog soil
    Dyna-grow nutrients
    Grow tray
    I will be posting pictures every week until the grow is finished. Please comment, ask question, give advice, and please follow this forum.
    Here they are on may 24th.
    IMG_20130524_095932.jpg IMG_20130524_095942.jpg
    Here they are on June 3rd.
    IMG_20130603_132322.jpg IMG_20130603_132313.jpg
    Here they are on June 17th.
    IMG_20130617_210820.jpg IMG_20130617_210848.jpg IMG_20130617_210928.jpg IMG_20130617_211002.jpg IMG_20130603_132313.jpg IMG_20130617_210836.jpg IMG_20130617_210919.jpg IMG_20130617_210952.jpg
     Again, please ask questions and follow, Thanks.
    ok more pictures this is them on June 23rd.
    Its now june 26th, Ive spotted some resonable amounts of trichomage on the MAD KUSH. I have decided to post every three days at least, post any questions or comments. I would love to hear some opinions. :wave:
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    - What strains are you growing?
    - Did you use four 180w LED lights from start to finish?
    - Whats your temp and humidity levels at?
    - Whats your PH?
    - Strictly happy frog and no other soil?
    I am jealous...
    Is this the LED light you are using?
    Trying to figure out why my grow is going downhill :(
  3. Thanks man, I'm using only happy frog soil, I'll post temp and hum. I'm growing five MAD KUSH seeds and five TGA AGENT ORANGE. I flowered and only got one male out of the five TGAs. :) And yes I'm using LED from seed to flower. They perform great almost no heat. Ive been keeping my ph around 5.4 for veg and 5.8 for flower. Check out my other forum im starting a perptual under them. http://www.rollitup.org/led-other-lighting/677522-led-first-perpetual-start-up.html Thanks for commenting dc. :wave:
  4. If anyone has questions or comments please feel free to leave them.
  5. Looking great, I'm glad more people are showing LEDs love from seed to harvest. Also sub'd.
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  6. Your growth looks great! I love those led lights, hoping to get one fo those soon.
  7. Sweet dude. I have actually just recently got my pro grow 180 from hydroponics hut and its awesome so far. Im doing my first grow with it. Using bag seed that strarted outside for about a month then under a cfl for about a week and now the led. Got super tall then decided to actually start getting some leaves when i brought it inside under a light. What distance do you normally have your light set for seed, veg and bloom stage and do you have a specific setting you use for each stage or do you use full spec the whole time?
    From what I've read (and done for this grow) use both veg and flowering lights during the flowering period.
  9. I've been ruining my LED grow 24 hours a day during the veg stage but haven't been able to figure out when I should switch to flowering stage and to start 12/12. Is there something you generally look for to let you know when?
  10. If it's photo-period you can switch to flowering whenever you like. Usually people don't veg for more than a month though (less for indica, more for sativa).
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    Nice man you should grab some seeds from a bank and really get a good idea on what your lights capable of with some good genentics. How much did it cost for the light? And I keep my light about eight inches away from the plant.
    Right on what brand are you thinking of getting?
    I use the same LED from seedling through flower. Sub up to see the progress. :smoke:
  13. My girls are getting big by the day on Fox Farms Trio, although as a general rule for mine, I'm running at about half of their recommendations, about 500-625ppm. I also lowered my nets so that the roots just dangle in the mixture. I keep the ph at around 5.8 and that's about the only daily care I maintain besides spraying the leaves. I also set Mr SCROG fence about 8 inches above and the LED rails about 12 inches. I'm now 3 weeks into my grow from seedling but haven't been able to determine when I should change the light schedule to 12/12 and could use some suggestions. (From left - Blue Venom, Pineapple Express, Northern Lights Big Bud)

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  14. I actually have some seeds coming in about a week should be hopfully haha got some autoflower's and one or two sativa indica hybrids. The light was 309.00 with shipping but i had emailed them asking about a pro mo code and some questions about the light and they gave 20$ off my total cost. I had talked to a guy who uses pro grow all the time (endiv i beleave his name is from growmedical420.com and he has one of the models i have and he suggest 18-24" away for veg. Seems to be doing nice so far. I did some LST to it last night and its already taken form so i un tied it was thinking of going ahead and throw it to flower after tonight since the seeds will be here soon and i just wanna finish this one off whether its a mzle or female just dont wanna kill it. Also i wanna see what this light is really putting out when i start from seed with it.
  15. Rule of thumb for most people is usually at least about four weeks or 30 days into veg before switching to 12/12. Im subd cant wait to keep checking them out :wave:
    Right on druid420 IM subd cant wait to see your results. Lemme know what seeds you have coming. :wave:
  16. Will do ledgrow1.
    Went ahead and started to set my plant for flower been in dark for 16 hours so far, was going for 36 dark but have to cut a couple hours to get it on the time i want the light on and off.
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    Sorry I havent posted in forever. this is them July 10th.
    <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href=''></a> [/URL]">http://[​IMG]
    <a href=""></a> [/URL]">http://[​IMG]
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    This is them on July 15th.
    <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href=''></a> [/URL]">http://[​IMG]
    <a href=""></a> [/URL]">http://[​IMG]
    <a href=""></a> [/URL]">http://[​IMG]
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    And here they are on July 22nd.
    <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href=''></a> [/URL]">http://[​IMG]
    <a href=""></a> [/URL]">http://[​IMG]
    <a href=""></a> [/URL]">http://[​IMG]

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