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    Hows it goin thanks for checking out my forum, please feel free to follow or comment on my work. Some basics really quick this is my second grow and im using the following setup.
    Four 180w LED lights
    Five gallon buckets with Happy Frog soil
    Dyna-grow nutrients
    Grow tray
    I couldn't be happier with the results from these led lights. I can use the lights from seedling to flower and they are so responsive to them. I replaced my old system of two one thousand watt lights with the four 180 watt panels. so far its been so cool in my room I have not had to use my ac yet.my electric bill so far in comparison is literally a third of what it was with the mh/hps. the seedlings stay short and stack very quickliy with a minimal stretch factor. I'm sure ill have good results in my flowering, there is no way these are not going to give them what they need to succeed.
    I will be posting pictures every week until the grow is finished. Please comment, ask question, give advice, and please follow this forum.
    Here they are on may 24th.
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    Here they are on June 3rd.
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    Here they are on June 17th.
    View attachment 1226558 View attachment 1226561 View attachment 1226567 View attachment 1226569 View attachment 1226557 View attachment 1226564 View attachment 1226565 View attachment 1226568
     Again, please ask questions and follow, Thanks.


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