Led grow tent 3X3X6

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  1. Grew 1 plant diesel glue under an Aglex 2000 and it was freaking awesome. Yield 8.5 oz. nugs were hard smelled great but disappointing on taste but the stone was excellent.
    2nd plant was 710 mango but did that under an Aglex 3000 and it is curing now. Burnt a lot of top leaf couldn’t get lamp high enough. Smelled fantastic when trimmed. Nugs were nice size, looked good but kinda loose. Hope the stone is there.
    diesel glue. D106C211-3B85-42D1-9A93-7943B8F89945.jpeg
    5AD4E2C6-2A17-4D86-BBA8-FFF00832AAC3.jpeg 710 mango
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  2. ok that mango bud on the top left looks totally mutant or ALIEN LOL was that picture right before you harvested if so it was to early
  3. 5822A43E-725E-4329-9459-6F692277B61C.jpeg You are correct it should have gone another week. 65-70 day flowering and I chopped it at 65.
  4. Gm knocked down the 710 mango. Smells great. Taste is good. Nugs are fluffier than I like but… Nice yield 9.5 oz. More importantly the stone is there. image.jpg
  5. Looks good. 9.5oz fully dried from a 3x3 is pretty good!

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