LED Grow - Solar Storm 880s

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  1. First post about my first grow. If anyone is interested in me elaborating on my process from initial soil types, pot sizes, nutrients, timing etc then I'd be glad to discuss in another post.

    Before talking about the best lights (in my opinion) I started with the best seeds from Attitude Seeds - Reserva Privada Kosher Kush. This is the most important step, starting with the best genetics. I did hours of research and finally went with 4 Solar Storm 880s for 6 KKs. I also have a couple Phantom 315s supplementing.

    Right now, spending the extra money on these lights has still been a good investment with great results and less headaches. I'll know for sure soon though...
  2. I like california light works but they are very pricey. However I do plan on getting the 440 ss

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