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  1. I was just wondering if any1 could give me some info on a 135w led UFO grow light, I.e r they any good and can I juse 1 for all stages ov my plants growth??
  2. it is not about what light you have, but about what skill level and nutrient you have.

    Start with a cheap 69w cfl and cheap organic nutes and compost and get a harvest and feet off the ground. Get some smart pots, start worm composting, and IMO a pulse start metal halide 3k lamp/ digi ballast. MX grower uses a 90w LED and his results are better than most of the synthetic nute grows and hps lamps I see around here
  3. I disagree, I would highly suggest making the initial investments to get a solid, quality grow going.

    What lights you use is extremely important to the outcome of your harvest. I have never personally grown with LED, but i've been around here long enough to know its one of the least sought after choices. The reasons why people dont buy HPS lights is its either impractical to their grow, or its too expensive. If neither of those 2 things are an issue, i would suggest doing so.

    if not, and your adamant on using that LED, is it 135 actual watts, or equivalent?
  4. I suggest using Bloom Boss LED.

    Go to this website BloomBoss UFO 90w LED Grow Light - BloomBoss.com


    1. Been using for 1yr. ( Person exp. 2 harvest )
    BloomBoss UFO Specifications :eek:
    * Power Consumption: 90w
    * LED Chip Size: 1w (Top Quality LED chips from Bridgelux and Epistar)
    * Output - Blue 430nm~470nm, Red 620nm~670nm & Full Spectrum White (This mean is has the correct amount of light for each spectrum of light just like HPS 400w ):love:
    * Voltage: AC 85-260v
    * Operating Temperature: -4F~122F
    * Weight: 6 lbs
    * Dimensions: 10.5 inches round x 2.5 inches tall
    3. I use it for veg-flower works wonders
    - I use it with General Organics in soil
    - Ocean Forest or Whats at your local hydroponics store
    - I would also use CO2 it helps alot with overall growth with anyproduct you use. :D
    4. Extremely powerful for small personal usage
    - From 9 to 12 plants in 4x4 area
    5. Just compare it to all the other LED UFO's out there and you can completely tell you have a quality item here:hello:. No other UFO shows there exact spectrum of lighting and most don't guarantee an 3 year warranty. Never had any operational problems with this light I can say I am truly an happy camper. :yay:
  5. That lamp will veg two plants pretty well. LEDs don't flower well so it should be a last choice for your flowering room. I think your can do much better for the money going with a HID lamp. Pick one out at 100 watts per plant you plan on growing (four plants=400 watts).

    [​IMG] Yeah.... Don't do that.
  6. hope you find it

  7. Well it works wonders for me my friend my 90w LED UFO is = 400w HPS. But I am not here to argue with ya. Just giving personal experience. Oneday ill have a camra to post my honeies here on GC.
  8. Even a 400 watt HPS is not ideal for 9 to 12 plants. I can see why you have no pictures. Living the fantasy not real life.

    You can't grow more weed with less watts using LEDs. In fact I feel it is the other way around. 400 watts of LEDs will give you a harvests equal to or less then a 250 watt HPS. I have done the tests, and seen the grows.

    90 watt LEDs are pretty much useless for growing more then one small plant. If it was what the lying LED sales guy said, we all would be using them. Almost useless and a total waste of money.
    Don't get suckered and don't listen to BS fantasies.

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