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  1. Is it possible to a buy good LED bulb for cultivation for under $100 or am I being to naive? I would eventually like to get something like a Pro Grow 400, I just don't have that much at this moment.

  2. From my LED research you are going to spend more, or if not, then you are getting a shit light.
    I chose Black Dog LED's but there are other great companies like groblu etc.
    Nothing I've seen that cheap above shitty old-school UFO chinese crap.
  3. California light works is another amazing one. I'm getting amazing results. Mongoos is right when it comes to leds you get what you pay for.
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    If you only need ~ 2ozs you can buy a couple 3 bulb vanity fixtures + 4 Cree Warm White and 2 Cree CW retro bulbs at Lowes/HD
    Trust me, the results are spectacular
  5. Pre mature. Dude if you get 20 oz from that them were all dumb using hid lights and spending good money on good led's. Do you have pic to support claims? I get around 10 oz under a 400 hps. Space limits me from getting more. Id say ur lucky to get an ounce off that set-up

  6. dhgate.com
    300wled 100 possible even less.
    very good results.
    just make sure its a 10band led lamp

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