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Led Grow Lights?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by mokepot, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. yea i was wondering if anyone knows any good led grow light websites? i have seen a few but they are really expensive, perhaps someone knows of some cheaper ones? also i have some seedlings right now in a window and they about 4 inches long but seem a bit elongated to me, the only 2 leaves that are on it aren't very big, why? thanks for any help...:smoking:
  2. yes... they are WAY freakin' expensive! there's no freakin' way i'm spending $2,000 to light my 4 X 4 closet.

    it's definately great technology as LEDs are so efficient, but the stupid dealers are overcharging. if they want to get their foot in the door, they need to sell systems at the same price that HID systems go for. then they won't be able to keep up with demand.

    it looks like the best way to build a system is to just DIY it. as much as they want ($80 per light) you could probably just get kits for those LED array signs you see in post offices and stores for alot less and turn those into grow lights although the green lights in those would be totally useless!

    if you're handy with a soldering iron and don't care if your lighting system is butt fugly, i bet you could build a system for a couple hundred dollars. i just found my way back here trying to find a cheaper alternative myself.

    give it time... once the chinese catch on to what's happening with LEDs, you can bet the prices will go down i a big hurry!
  3. i was wondering~mix the cheaper blue leds w/red spectrum cfls[or something]....would that work?
  4. The LED's that are good for growing aren't cheap. They're high powered, they're clear when they're off. I'm not good with electronics, so I just buy them ready to go. Best I've seen so far is ledgrowlights.com if you're interested.
  5. yeah-thanks. those r the blue ones i mean..if theyre clear, i assume they give blue spectrum+ could substitute for the 6500k cfls?[aka daylight or cool white]?
  6. yea i'm glad whoever pulled this thread back up, because i just seen some led lights at wal-mart the other day i was wondering if they would be good to grow with? i think there was like 4 in a pack and it said brillant white light, any good for vegging perhaps? i'm not sure of the kelvins or anything, does anyone know anything about these certain lights? thanks for any help...:smoking:
  7. i have some led lights from the stop lights because during the hurricane they all got knocked down and i got like 3 red ones would those work?
  8. Honestly guys I think no one really knows the questions you guys have on will those work. As you see myself and a few other guys have used LED's on here and no one has used just LED's to completion of the grow. I would say for you guys to go ahead and try them and lets us know how it grows.
  9. I bought one from Grow Green Grow Lights, and it works really well. I replaced my 400w HPS, with no regrets and a lot lower elec. bills. After doing some research, they had the lowest price, for a 100w that actually works, and it came with a warranty. It was about $420, and has dropped my elec. bill about $30. Good luck. Go Green Grow Lights
  10. Like all new electronic gadgets, the first ones produced are expensive. Watch the prices drop over the next few years.
  11. HTG sells an affordable 50 watt panel for $140. They come in blue, red, and mixed. I use them for vegging, clones, seedlings, and for supplemental lights surrounding the plants in my flowering room (HPS is the primary light source there).

    They are working well enough that I'm going to slowly phase out my T5's in favor of LED's.
  12. Getting cheaper already.
  13. The best LED grow lights we have seen are from Sunshine Systems. For the money, their GlowPanel 45 offers the most bang for the buck (139.99 = 250 watt HPS) We first saw them at the San Francisco Indoor Garden & Hydroponics Expo. They were exhibitors there and their President and a few sales reps were answering questions putting on demos. Their growth displays were very impressive. www.sunshine-systems.com
  14. Post that URL again please, broken link.
  15. Yup getting cheaper and more blades using them now.
  16. Well I'm impressed.:D
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    HPS will always produce bigger thincker yeilds when growing several traditional plants over large areas as it penitrates thick canopys to provide light to more bud sites. This is more of a production growers setup. But....with medicinal, decrim and even full blown legalization looming on the horizion, people are going to not be buying from growers or the govenment, they will be growing a few plants for personal usage in their homes. LEDs combined with feminized autoflowering varieties of cannabis is going to be the wave of the future. LED technology has made large strides in the past decade and huge leaps in the last couple of years. While still on the pricey side, LED lighting will become more affordable as it gains aceptance. When used to grow autoflowering varieties great yeilds can be achieved. Autoflowering first came on the scene with the lowryder strain. This was the result of incorporation of ruderalis genetics. This allowed the plant to immediatley flower shortly after sprouting regaurdless of light cycle. You can keep these plants on a 20/4 hr cycle, they will stay very short and produce a big fat cola with little to no side branching. when supplemented with 6500K pcs aimed toward the sides of the plant you get big thick buds. I have been growing crosses in a very small 1 plant areoponic setup for some time now with great results. one of my favs is SuperSonic from Sagarmatha Seeds. Its a bit expensive but stays very short and has a crazy euphoric high! Spread the word, LEDs + autoflower = the shit!

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