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  1. I have seen many sites offering led grow lights and i am wondering if they are any good?
    LEts say you wanted to just grow 1 small plant and did not want to be using much electric
    and you see a led light like this which can change from green to blue and red.

    The led light i was looking at is a spot light
    called a KAM LED Par 36 Par can light which has 44 red leds
    which has 86 LEDs - Red: 44 LEDs; Green: 21 LEDs; Blue: 21 LEDs
    and uses just 5 watts

    Would something like that be bright enough to grow with?
    My setup would be 50wat fluorescent
    and the leds would be like another light source.

    Only thing is i am not sure what sort of power supply the kam led unit would use.
  2. if its using 5 watts only in all likely hood it will not grow much!, the minimum wattage to be using if you ever considered using LED's is 45 watts and that wont do much for ya my friend!, if your main concern is electrical usage, just stick to CFL's, there cheap and do the trick!
  3. CFLS are 125wat which consume more electric.

    The fluorescent light i use at the mo which is the equivalent to a 50w fluorescent and is low cost and can be left on for long periods of time.
  4. CFLs can be any size up to a 300w (actual wattage). If you are worried about using a 125w CFL, times must be bad for you. For me to run a 125w CFL for 24 hours non stop will cost me 45p, that £3.15 per week with the light left on 24/7. If you cant afford that, get a paper run!
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    WOuld i need a blue or a red CFL?
  6. Yes, they all come with a built-in ballast. They screw into an E40 socket. I also think they come in other fittings as well. You should research them. They are good for seedling/clones and vegging plants. Although they dont have the high intencity as HID lamps for flowering. But they will do for both vegging and flowering. Blue spectrum for growing and the red for flowering.
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    I managed too find a place that does 125w fluorescents. Think they should do the trick.
  8. LED lights have become very popular in several industries. They have their own advantages over traditional lighting systems, making them very attractive investment for your home or business. LED technology is very useful for hydroponic gardening community.

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