LED grow lights mabugactures

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  1. Ok so I'm currently using a 400w HPS and MH for growning and I'm wanting to save on my electric bill ad well as safety as I'm using a eater chiller and vortex fans and I'm looking to cut all that out and opt to buy a led grow light but am
    Scared of buyers remorse so of anyone has any exp and could help me out when choosing led lights.. I saw UFO model being real popular.. Any one use this or I was looking at the magnum 357.. Any help or input would be great
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  3. LEDs still don't have a strong enough track record. Some successes but too many failures. You are tempting buyer's remorse...
  4. Well I've had a kessil I'm just wanting to cut down on the equipment I need to cool my grow room as well as lights
  5. The kessils are small and cover a 2x2 an good as supplemental lighting but not stand alone
  6. Has any one used led light to grow

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