LED grow light- do i need it ?

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  1. Hi guys,
    I am a green hand at growing. I am trying to plant my first grow. Now they are so small, and I am waiting for blooming. I am using CFL. I heard that some CFL have a few UV and plants are easily burnt. Is it true? Do I need an LED grow light? :confused:

    By the way, have anyone once brought a quality LED strip online? I am also trying to install a LED strip under my cabinet. Do you have any recommendation? :rolleyes: Thank you.

  2. No and no.
  3. You can use LED grow light for it will not emit UV
    I have used LED strip bought from an online shop www.hero-ledstore.com. it works pretty well. you can have a try
  4. Use LED if you are very short on space, otherwise don't waste a significant amount of money on them.
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    I agree with OppeMon, just use led grow lights. conventional lightings are too expensive on electrical duties. You may use led strip lights as clover recommended from the hero led store. I see that they have both blue and cold white 12000K strip lights, very intresting. I may have a try with them. The two colors are more popular with aquarium lighting, but can mix them like 3:1 to have a flower grow lights.

  6. LED fanboys will tell you everything you want to hear to get the fad going but the sad truth is that plants do about as well under CFL's and tubes as they do under LED's for a fraction of the cost.

    There are tons of videos on youtube for HID vs LED vs CFL and they have all pretty much shown HID to be the best by a large margin, then CFL/LED tieing. If you are on a budget, go CFL. You will get similar results to LED without breaking your bank. If you can afford LED, you should be running HID.
  7. Thank you for the recommendation, very interesting.
  8. Acctually, I think it needs to consider the size of the project. Sometimes, leds' better but sometimes CFL / HID better. I will consider led strip lights waterproof for aquarium grow lightings. Anyway, thank you very much for you buys great info, very helpful. I will search some videos on youtube,too. Tks. :hello:
  9. cfls work great.lots of people down them because they read they're bad then everyone just on that wagon.i have used cfls on every grow i've done wit outstanding results.just do some research on them.lots of stickys on here on cfls.heres a pic of one of my girls now under 260w cfls.

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  10. People assume that because LED's cost more, they give better results than CFL. I know people that are happy with their LED setup but I also know a lot more that are happy with their CFL's and how much money they saved. The ONLY time I can see LED's being better than CFL is if you are growing in a very small space that has absolutely no ventilation. If that is the case, your plant isn't going to thrive anyway.
  11. Benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom. So ,firstly,YOU need to know what lighting effect YOU want, then select the most appropriate item. LEDs and CFLs are both good.

  12. Thank you all guys. The information is vvvvvery helpful.
    Actually, I am a bit shout of space. I think I may take OppeMon's advice.

    Gracomer, have you very used this kind of strip?! It is very interesting. Maybe I can buy one if my girls need it as a grow light, otherwise as a normal light. Is it cost more than normal Led strip?
  13. I would go with a CFL istead seeing as the only leds I've seen actually produce quality buds are very expensive, sure if you have the cash get a good led.
    But if you cant afford them get a dual spectrum CFL or two where you just turn the bulb to get either 2700k or 6500k. I have a 125 watt CFL for veg that cost me like 70~ dollars including a reflector.

    I wouldn't touch the LED strips with a ten foot pole most of the cheap LED's are terrible.
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    Hi guys, how helpful you were! I just checkout the led strip as you recommended. Here is the items I just checkout for my fish tank and for a growing red frog that is my pets -:)
    Fish Tank Mood Light Flexible Led Strip For Aquarium Lighting [1M96LWP] - $26.50 : Led Strips Hero-ledstore.com
    LED Grow Light 15 Watts

    By the way, I will diy a 100g coral reef lights next week and I am looking for some blue and cold white leds, If you guys can also give more suggestions, I would highly appreciate it.
  15. I want to upload some pictures of my red frogs from my computer,but failed, how to do that ? It seems the picture are only available for url links. Can you help ? I wan to share with you all guys. I really love my pets :)
  16. then upload ur pic 2 net 2 get a url

  17. Thank you for sharing with us.:hello:

  18. hey, show us some pis.

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