LED grow, 60W, advice requested

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    Hello I have grown indoors before, using a lot of CFLs.
    And I have also grown outdoors two times.

    This time I want to assemble a 60W LED system, using 5x red LEDs, and 1x blue.

    It won't be used for MJ right now, but maybe at some point of time.

    My question is if these 60W are enough for one or more small plants (Lowryders for instance).

    And which strains would you recommend?

    I have many seeds here but at this time, I will probably buy some Lowryders so the plants remain small.

    Please if possible give advice if you have grown with LED system of similar size, and if you have grown small Lowryder plants.

    I still have two CFL boxes here (which I use for regular plants), but I don't want all these wires again for 10 or more boxes!

    Also I looked at HID lamps but they are too large and too suspicious, too much heat, can't be used in a wardrobe or cupboard, are difficult to relocate etc.

    At first the LED system will be used as supplement for regular plants, which also receive some sunlight, and I have the CFL boxes on sometimes. But then, maybe I will see what to do...

    Also I have an additional question about white LEDs. They are cheaper, but after reading some posts here, I believe the spectrum is not so good for MJ, at least not for the flowering.

    Could I use for instance my 60W red/blue system, and in addition, maybe a 50W white LED? Would this make an improvement (think I don't want 120W red/blue now)? Or would it result in rather spindly plants?

    I had the impression pure CFL makes plants a bit spindly, unless you really use a large number of CFLs (at one time, I had more than 500W CFLs, producing so much heat I had to run a large fan all the time).

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