LED/Floro EasyRyder Harvest! Pics!

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  1. First legit grow, 90w LED Ufo, and an additional 20,000 lumens of 2700k CFL's, Stealth Deep Water Culture, 4 plants.

    First off this was my first actual grow, some sketchy outdoor stuff before, but never did it right all the way through.

    Smoke is outstanding, very smooth, great heady up high that mellows out into a solid body buzz. Two rips from the Zong and your gone!

    Yield was far less than anticipated, but hell thats what you get with LED's, had alot of buds, some really pretty main cola's just not enough light to really have the buds put on substantial weight.

    Ended with 2.5oz after 74 days from seed. Beautiful full plants, covered in trichs, super frosty just not the density in the buds as if I used a HID light throughout!

    Good learning experience, figured out a lot of little mistakes, and gonna have a prime grow next time!


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  2. was this off of 1 plant or 2 different plants? If one plant a yield of 2.5oz per auto-flowering is pretty good within those 70ish days

    nice, work, keep it up also did u add any nutes or just water?
  3. dude he said from 4 plants...

    although under HID 2oz from one auto isnt unheard of at all...
  4. Looks delicious. GJ
  5. Freaking awesome bud ! Well done ! !!! Hope to get even close to what you pulled in terms of quality with LED . Makes me think I should add some additional CFLs too

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