LED floodlamps

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  1. Hey guys do you think it would be okay to do full grow of one or two plants with 2x 50W (350W equivalent each) LED lamp 6500k spectrum 3750 lumens and 2x 30W 2700k spectrum 2400 lumens. And does anyone maybe know how much heat do they release
  2. How big of a space are you working with?
  3. wattage equivalent is the equivalent to incendesent bulbs.... which in growing are usless so the rating itself is useless.

    so you have 160 watts. for led a person should have about 30-50w a square foot in flower so that's 3-5 square foot of optimum coverage, so like a 2.5' x2.5' tent.

    but for heat it all pends of the grow space as bigger tents tend to have more area to heat then smaller tents.
  4. Dimensions are 24"x30"x60" with area of 0,5 square meter or 5 square feet.
  5. so ya perfect. the two 50w would be spaced out in the middle for veg then add in the 30w on either side. although 6500k is better for a veg light and the 2700k is better for flower. maybe add in two more 2700k lights, but play it out with what you got first. as to total temp rise its hard to say until you have them powered up in the tent. as well once the plants are big enough they will also influence temps
  6. ty for quick response :) Is there any explanation why would led panels be more or less beneficial than these lights?
  7. Superior spectrum, effeciency, probably a wider coverage compared to ,if, a focused flood light.

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