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    Hey I'm an LED first time grower and Im growing LA Confidential and a bag seed.
    -Sunshine Systems 90 watt grow UFO
    -5 gallon pots
    -3 fans
    -Heat lamp
    -Miracle Grow
    -Moisture control soil
    -Plant Grow formula

    Fifteen days ago I started my first grow. I started the LA Confidential with just dampened towels and the other with something similar to rockwool cubes. The second week I was basically troubleshooting because the LA started to turn yellow and weep and sag. So I jumped on this forum and saw that I shouldnt have used a chemical bug spray and I watered it too much. So last night I transfered the two plants to the pots but before cleaning off all of the original soil off the roots.
    Before I was using a 24/0 light schedule but I saw when I switched them to an 18/6 schedule they started to grow faster and bigger.

    This is day 15 and day 2 of 18/6 schedule. I know they are a little small but I have faith they will make it and strive to be good buds:smoking: IMG_1924.jpg

    more pictures tonight.
  2. ok so i took some photos of my babies and there looking great!!

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  3. I'm in for this ride. What's the plan? How big do you intend to grow these plants before you flower? Have you checked out some of the other LED grows in this forum?
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    Hi, mind if I call you special?

    Good luck on your grow, I'm just finishing two plants under a UFO90. I think I'll sit in.
    Mind if I ask the price on your led?
    I think I did almost everything wrong that could be done,lol, but they survived the punishment.
    Don't know how much, or what, you've read but there's a lot of good info here at GC and plent of helpful pro's.
    Add perlite next repot and don't believe manufacturers specs on light distance and you should fine.
    easy on those roots

    edit: I guess if they're in 5s now you won't be doing any repotting
  5. Wud UP folks
    ok I was reading around and i want more bud then any thing so im going to try lst on these 2.
    I have read into a bunch of these other grow journals before i went with the grow ufo and i pretty sure i made the right choice!
    Its fine if u guys call me special by the way:wave:
    Mmmmick the price on the light was right around 400 a lil expensive yes but hey if im going to do it i wanna do it right.
    ITs day 16 and i already managed to over water them and it looks like my two lower leaves are turning yellow and looking a lol burned!
    Ne Advice?

    ps. pics 2-5 bag seed
    pics 6-10 la confidential

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  6. Did you say you're using a heat lamp? Like the red kind? Why? Unless you are combating freezing weather, you're better off leaving it off!

  7. Well not really a heat lamp i just needed to warm up the room so used a shop light to just warm the room but im going to replace the light with a hps bulb so i can have 2 lite sources and see how the work out:bongin:
  8. Hope my first post didn't sound as if I'm experienced. I've only done one grow but made a lot of mistakes during it.
    I've read that MG soil is hot for some strains of mj. I wouldn't use anything but water until the plants get a little tougher. Maybe just cut the nutes for a while if you're feeding already, and see if it improves.
    I found that once my plants were too wet in a big pot they stayed that way for a long time even with a fan on them 24/7. I had to flush mine and they were even wetter until I finally repotted in flower (bad) and yellowed up almost all the fan leaves. Surprised they didn't get root rot from being so wet so long. Adding perlite is supposed to help them to cycle a little faster
    400 sounds a little steep but there are so many sources out there, I've seen them for 599. Mine shipped from California, just under 300 Canadian at the door. Seems fine so far, I don't know how many diff manufactureres there are.
    I strongly recomment LST or maybe a scrog if you have a way to get a screen over them. Leds are said to have little penetration power so getting the flower tops at the same height will help.

  9. Dude at the end of the day i know were just a bunch of rookies trying to get better at something so great so thanks for all of the help already!
    So what exactly does perlite do for the plant?
    Yea i find to that my plant is over on the watered side so i find my self trying to dry out the soil with the shop lamp and it seems to be working.
    This is day 2 of no watering.
    I havent gave the plants ne Nutes yet, im just waiting for this whole over water thing to go by before F**k up again and then chemical burn it.
    One Question though The nutes directions are to but half a teaspoon for every 2 quarts, and ive read other places to put in half of the recommended amount so when i do choose to start nuteing them should i just start for 1/4 of a teaspoon?
  10. Hey Special, good luck with the grow :D

    Most people recomend starting off with 1/4 strength nutes to start with, then build from there. So yeah, just reduce the ammount of dosage when adding to your water. Good to test the Ph after you've added the nutes also, as you may have to adjust your ph accordingly.

    Have a good one :)

  11. Here's hoping you can avoid some of the problems I encountered.
    Perlite will help your soil drain/dry a little better. I just repotted my clones in 7L pots with about 25% perlite added, so I don't know how effective it'll be but it was a big problem for me. I started watering the way everyone seemed to do it. Water till there's runoff. Stayed too wet from then on. Plants don't go through the wet/dry cycle very quickly under leds or at least under 90w leds. Especially small plants in big pots.
    Not sure if the Miracle Grow soil is your problem, but if you haven't fed them yet and they are showing some yellow then it's quite possible that it's your soil. Search the Absolute Beginners thread for miracle Grow, you'll probably get some good ideas.
    If you decide to repot with more perlite it might be good to change soil to something else or even mix your Miracle Grow with some other type if you want to use it up. I'd repot before your plants got big enough to make it difficult. Perlite is 5 bucks for 9Liters hereabouts.
    Your plants might be fine after a few weeks in MG I've never used it but seen a few comments on the forums. Does the soil bag say anything about being pre fertilized?
    Don't add nutes until you're satisfied that the girls are happy, and start with half dose as you described.

    Anything I suggest is worth verifying form other sources, as I said I'm not very experienced. Good luck
  12. oops sorry to repeat your suggestions. You snuck in there before I finished,lol.
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    Right now i am in the 6 hours of no light and i took a sneak peek and there looking better!!.
    I messed up in a couple of ways so far
    1. I put the seed after germinating in the soil upside down:hide:
    2. Over watered the shit out of them
    3. Used a chemical bug killer and it was way 2 soon!

    Im thinking about repotting them but im still a lil iffy because i transported them 2 day ago and one of my babies went into to shock..
    So im going to leave them in the MG for the time being and just going to let the soil dry out a bit and tomorrow off to buy a ph tester... Im slacking lol
    One other ? have u guys heard of moisture meter tester?? ne good??
  14. these girls are pretty tough.
    What kind of bugs did you have? I have a few fungus gnats around, sticky stiks seems to help hold em down.
    Overwatering is a little tricky to deal with under leds but you mentioned adding a small hps so you might be fine in that respect. You know you need a ballast also, can't just replace the bulb in a normal fixture?
    You can use Super Thrive or other solutions to help with stress. Super Thrive is good one drop to a gallon with your regular watering, just as a supplement, higher strength for stress etc.
  15. Well i get alot of random bugs because of the area but if anything its nats at the moment.
    But i was under the impression looking at other grows that there is hps bulbs out there that can run off a regular light fixture, low wattage of course.
    But im going to start the nutes tomorrow and i just started lst on the LA Confidential so more pics up soon.
  16. New addition 2 100w Soft white CFL light
    Lets see how they do with the grow ufo
  17. Now you are in much better shape.
  18. Question could the two lights grow good together?
  19. I think you and I are going to discover the answer to that question.
  20. Hi special, gnats won't end up in your bud at least. Garlic powder supposed to help, sprinkled on soil or an inch of well rinsed sand on top of your soil.
    Yeah could be some with built in ballast, I don't know em but if they're available why not. Might be interested in the source if you find it.
    Is the yellowing stopped?

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