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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by richfranklin55, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    Im just building a diy led light and I cant get my head around how to match the leds with the correct drivers. I currently have a 300mmx140x22 aluminium heatsink with a cree cob and im not sure if i have the correct driver for it. Can someone take a look for me please ? Il list the exact cob and driver below :


    CEN-100-36 MEAN WELL | Mouser

    The heatsink is also getting very hot, is that normal ?

    Is it a good combo or should i get a different driver ? Ideally

  2. To run the COB at full power may require a fan attached to the heatsink.

    This driver is dimmable. I don't know anything about the CEN series drivers.
    HLG-100H-36A MEAN WELL | Mouser
  3. The heat is no longer issue as i have a fan slightly blowing on it which has made it a lot cooler, Ok thanks, its just that I got this driver for cheap and didnt really want to spend £40+ for a new one if I can help it.

    Stupid question but as the power of the driver is 100w does that mean it will be running the cob at 100w ?

  4. Yes. If you bought one more COB you would have two running at 50 watts for example.

    There is nothing wrong with the driver you picked. Its just the HLG and ELG series drivers are preferred due to having dimmers and being waterproof. HLG series drivers are hand assembled, ELG is constructed on an automated line.
  5. Ah ok thanks.

    Would it be worth adding a second cob and running them at 50w, think I read somewhere that it would be more efficient doing it that way, is that right ?

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