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LED computer grow box with pics!!!!!

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by boricuapuffer, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Ok this is my first attempt ever to grow pot! So im going to need a lot of help and guidance! I have done a plethora of research trying to determine what route i want to take to grow this stuff and i have decided on hydro. It will be inside a computer case as to maintain maximum stealth. and i will use LED lights because my electricity bill is already just to damn crazy:mad:

    My setup is as follows:

    1. 2 1/2 feet tall x 2ft wide x 1ft deep computer case gutted out.
    2. 2 80mm fans (intake) and 1 120mm fan (outtake)
    3. 2 50 watt LED 12x12 panels, the supposed lumen output is said to be at 6000(not to sure on this):smoking:
    4. aquarium pump with 2 output and 2 airstones. (the guy at the petshop said that they produce extra fine bubbles.
    5. 1 rubbermaid tupperware container covered in aluminum tape.
    6. 3 3" netpots, rockwool, and hydroton clay rocks, general hydroponics grow bloom and micro, ph up and down and a ph tester kit.

    look at the pics whadda ya think!

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  2. I think you can grow some pretty nice lowryders in there and for a first attempt you did an amazing job. That box looks sick.
  3. thanks for the compliment, i am very interested in growing a couple of different strains, lowryder being one of them, however i am taking the advice of one of my fellow GC bro's and just starting off with bagseed till i get the hang of growing. i already germinated a few and am about to put them in the rockwool and fire this bad boy up, so stay posted.
  4. seein that gives me thoughts about the 3 old systems in my basement. One of them is a server tower too :D
  5. Wicked! Gonna try a hydro scrog setup in a similar box in the near future, good luck to us BOTH!
  6. Wow, nice job on the growbox, I got a old pc case I'm gonna build one now... Post some pics when you start growing. :D
  7. I'm interested in seeing how an all LED grow goes as well.
  8. If you keep us updated, let me know if you want to move it to the grow journal section. Id like to keep an eye on this one.
  9. Why are the leds so spaced out, you could fit like 3x the amount of leds in the same place. Also power leds put out more light than those indicator leds. That led panel looks like a failure.

  10. trust me! these aint no indicator LED's. THESE ARE HIGH POWERED LED LIGHTS! they are so brigt that i need to wear sunglasses when i work inside the box cause they blind me. If you had read the setup you would have seen that each panel is 50 watts, what indicator LED's have you seen take that much wattage, the only failure here is your abilty to know the difference between a indicator LED and a high powered one, read up young one, its obvious you need more schooling.:D
  11. This looks like an incredible set up man. Are the hooks on the reservoir for LST? I'm very interested to see how these LED's grow! Cool post man, keep us updated.
  12. yep the hooks are to anchor the string once i start LST'ing the girls(hopefully)
  13. wepa! that shit look ill b. good luck with your grow.
    oh and theres always atleast 1 hater around. lol
  14. I'm curious to see how this turns out! Good luck man!
  15. I'd like to know where you got those LEDs from, I've been thinking about a similar micro-grow set up
  16. Looks like a nice job making the box. Good luck! I'll be checkin this one out.
  17. Very nice setup build indeed.
    I'm looking forward to this.
  18. I got the same lights, and im about four weeks into growing, the plants are all about 6 inches tall, and are very stemy, only one leaf on the top. im not a noob to growing, i have uses hps and mh bulbs before, but this is my first grow with leds, idk what the problem is help??
  19. here are new pics that i took this morning, these seeds were germinated and planted in the rockwool 2 days ago on oct 4, please tell me if they look ok and if there is anything i should be doing to help speed along growth and the overall health of the plant. i dont know what strain it is (bagseed) so if there is any of you out there that can telll what type of strain it is from looking at it i would appreciate it!

    here the pics!:cool:

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  20. 1. what is the wattage of your LED lights?
    2. What type of LED lights are they? panels, ufo, bulbs etc.....
    3. how far (distance EXACTLY) are your lights from your plants?

    knowing these things can help in figuring out your problem!

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