LED All Auto Grow .. Haze, Afghan Kush Ryder

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  1. Hello blades! Starting another grow journal!!!

    Growing all Autos this time. 3 World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder's, and 1 Dinafem Haze Auto. The Dinafem was a freebie in a past order.

    They all were not started at the time time period. I had some issues with germinating some seeds. I actually had bought a 3 pack at the same time as I bought the Afghan's of Pakistan Ryder's from WoS and not one germinated was fucking pissed. My method for germinating I've used many times and never had a failure. I think it was that particular batch as everything else germinated just fine. Oh well all history.

    At the time I was finishing with flowering with my prior grow and decided to pop my Dinafem, then after I harvested the last grow germinated the 3 Afghan Kush Ryder's.

    Anyhow here is what I have going on.

    3x World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder
    1x Dinafem Haze Auto

    Grow Tent:
    Viagrow 2x2x4 tent. I live in a one bedroom and this size best suits my needs currently.

    Foxfarm Ocean Soil

    Fox Farm Nute Trio

    Blackstar 240w LED panel, and HTGSupply 90w UFO.

    Normally I would use my 2 gallon Airpots but decided to use pots that I had from growing some veggies and flowers in the past. I was to lazy to put the things together. Sorry. Airports rock if you have not used them though. Perfect root systems for any plant that is grown in them, oxygenates the soil really well to.

    I bought a 90w UFO sometime back thing was good for vegging and part of flowering then my last grow went into like stasis mode and stopped flowering. That led me to the Blackstar 240w (actually 180 using my killawatt) and plant responded very favorably. After Xmas time I will be buying another Blackstar to replace my 90w UFO thats in there, for right now though its all I got. I had a nice HPS tube light and bigger tent but took up to much space in a one bedroom apartment. The set up for me is perfect size.

    To bring you readers up to speed this Dinafem has been a bitch. I was not using any nutes at first believing the soil had all it required but initially was having some sever issues. So I upped the nutes and most of it went away, so upped them again and problem solved. This particular plant I am actually using 2x recommended nutes. She's a hungry girl. Glad I solved it. The other issue I had was I was watering her and had it in the sink the dishwasher was on and I guess the suction the planter had over the drain in my sink forced water to fill up the sink..lol. I went to put it back in the tent and half the plant is immersed in hot soapy dishwater. Dish detergent has bleach and other bad stuff so I was like oh shit she will be a goner. So i proceeded to flush her well and couple weeks later still trucking along like a champ.

    Currently all my plants are in flowering. The Haze has been for some time, 1 Afghan about maybe 1.5 weeks ago and the last 2 days the other 2 started flowering.

    My goal of any grow is to enjoy the grow, have fun, learn some things along the way and grow my own bud.

    My Grow tent. Towel is on top of the fan to silence some of the noise. Also have a variable speed box attached to it.

    Inside Pic. Have a 4inch inline fan with carbon filter attached.


    Dinafem Haze Auto

    Afghan Autos..bigger one is older one

    One of my best buddies! She's only 7 months old!

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