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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by dsbigd99, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. it sounds to good to be true.. and its ebay.

    it may be good, i dont know..

    there are knownt brands that offer 90 day returns, that was my way of going.
    if it sucks, ill send it back.. lol

    advancedLED is what i went with.
  2. In the print on the ad, it states it's 180w actual draw. That's not a bad price really, if the specs are accurate, you should be able to garner 2-3oz (give or take) within 90-120 days.

    If you do go with it, please put up a journal so we can tag along!
  3. Looks like every other Chinese made lamp.
  4. Look up Advanced LED I run 2 200w dimond and just orderd the new 10w chip light
  5. I want a journal on the 10W lights!! they look very promising but they are too new to have alot of reviews on here.
  6. Very nice lamp do a journal. 5 watt ones rock what I got 10 watt would rock as well.

  7. Please explain other than china sucking our country dry what is the problem with a chinese light. Keep in mind i'm not trying to yeild a pound from 2 plants it's just a autoflower stealth grow

  8. There not all bad. Brands like Blackstar and some others seem to be alright. You have to do your homework.

    China is home to most of the worlds LED making. They take LEDs that were for Traffic Lights and stick them into a lamp and say here its good for growing.

    Also watts matter. You could not grow one plant with 14 watts.

  9. are you talking about the advanced 13 watt spotlight? if so tell me wht u think about them i was thinkin about checkin some out
  10. No google Advanced LED..there one of the better LED lamp makers out there. THey just now came out with 10 watt LED Diodes.

    Inside a LED lamp are LED Diodes. They range from 1w,2w,3w, 5w and now 10 watters are coming out.

    A example of how bad that LED panel sucks...total it has 13 watts. That advanced led lamp one LED Diode has 10 watts lol.

  11. I just looked at that thing closer...what a rip. It only has 4 10w LED Diodes on it. The rest that are in the 4 quadrants have a unknown wattage that they dont list.

    Being that 5watt Diodes are expensive and 10w ones even more I would bet that there low wattage ones.
  12. PS i think advanced only uses 3w and 10w(cree) so they are probably 3w and yes they dont look like they are a good deal for....almost 500 bonez gesh dosent look like 500$ worth of space will be covered by that light i would stick with the regular DiamondSeries for now
  13. well for starters if it only draws 180w's that mean about 20w-30w are being used for the big fans in the back so if you got a 100 chips(and 8 band) 150w divided by 100(3w chips) ur running 1.5watts on a chip that is ratted for 3w's and alot of times these Chinese brands don't grow so these don't really get tested on plants(especially not marijuana) and when your using 8 bands that means(100 chips divided by 8 is 12.5 and 12.5 times 1.5watts is 18.5 watts for each band which dosent seem like a good plan.... and these might not even be the right NM they might just be bull shiting you and you'll have no way to even know......try to stick with reputable LED dealers

  14. Will it give me better yeilds than a cfl or T5 just a newbie and want to put a few grows under my belt before I go out and spend $1000 on a light

  15. That might be a wise choice. But you will discover fastly that your addicted to growing almost more then smoking it.
  16. i guess it all matters what your looking for out of the experience,like what is more important to you getting a 1/4pound of ditch weed or learning countless pieces of knowledge and only getting around an 1-2oz

    give a man an 1/8 he smokes for a week....

    teach a man to grow he smokes forever.....

    check out the DS-100 here.. 3w LED Grow Lights - High Powered LED Grow Lights - Best of 2010 they come with 90 day trial and 3 year warranty

    and with floro's&cfl VS led's i think go t5's if you got the room.......cfl's if you dont have as much room and LED's if you got a little extra cash to drop on this grow and youll save some on energy ALSO :D

  17. Thats already the case. Do to my job I can only smoke a few months a yr but to me there is nothing better than raising that beutiful flower. I grew alot in my late teens earley 20s in soil and after a 15yr break got really interested in hydroponics last winter had a fairley succesful cfl grow 3-100w cfl's in a stealth box growing la diva and diavalo auto's and now want to take the next step up. Figured do to budgeting restraints a mid grade LED and a couple more Sq FT would be that step.

    Ps: I consider myself a newbie becouse tecnique and technoligy has changed so much in my 15yr break (but I love it)

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