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  1. Has anyone here grown and yielded under any LED? If so, dry weight and how many plants? Under what light? And in what media? I’m new to indoor growing and I’ve got a 1000 Watt LED and I’m curious how I’m doing. I germed On 12/16/17 so 26 days above ground. Don’t mind the topping and supper cropping recovery look, It’s ugly. So how do they look under “this light”? Strain- Bianca fem from AMS.

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  2. Of Course..
    My flower lights are 1x Nextlight Mini, 1x Unit farm UFO80, 1x Quantum 288, and a Meizhi 450 (195watts true).
    Depending on strains, my yields average between 3.5- 4.75 per plant ounces dry + larf for hash..
    Here are my 2 grows now:
    2nd picture has the 2 High end LEDs (Nextlight and Unit Farm) and the 1st shows the QB288 with a Meizhi on the right.
    1-10-18.JPG 1-11-18.JPG
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  3. Nice..Did you really want them that short..?
    I defoliate often up til 3 weeks into flower, supercrop and LST, but I let them get about 18" tall before being flowered.
  4. Oh I haven’t flowered yet. I’m still vegging them brotha. What do U think of what u see based on 3+ weeks from seed?
  5. PDN>>or Pretty Damn nice..;)
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  6. Man that is some good looking shit.
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  7. That light you have is not going to yield that well. Looks like one of those knock off "1000w" leds you see on ebay or amazon that are actually around 120 watts if that.

    There is an amazing difference between the best leds on the market and the cheapest. It's like night and day.
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  8. Tbone. Been following u for a minute. That being said... I agree and I respect your opinion due to. I can see u know wtf u r talking about. So now, yes I agree and keep in mind this is only 4 girls under this light and my footprint is 4x4 so.... I will vege the 4 until it’s obvious that any part of the plants are not receiving optimal light coverage. I will then add (2) more 1000w LEDS making my “flower room” pushing a total of (3)1000 watt (LEDS WATTS) actually output like 235w per light. So I believe for my yield I will be in good shape. How’s this sound for my grow? Hanks Tbone. Tony from Nj
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  9. 235 x 3 is about perfect actually. You're right in range for good flower yield at that rate. Hopefully they don't catch fire though.. Hard to rely on those chepo ones. I've seen viparspectras burn up and I would put them a level above the leds you're using.

    That said I would rather grow with those then CFL's. Maybe you can do decent with them.

    I would think about stepping into a more higher quality led like the qb132's that are linked in other posts in indoor growing. They are literally the highest output leds per watt I know of. I doubt that the ones you're running put out half of what those do per watt and it's not like they're expensive.
  10. Tbone. Idk if u remember but a couple months ago I asked u about lights and u we’re “die hard” pushing those quantum boards on me then and u r still on board. I actually put a lot of time though and energy into getting the best lights for “my budget”. I think I’m doing ok and I’m also co-signing your quantum boards so don’t take it the wrong way. For me it came down to time, money and effort. So weighing all that I choose the cheap Chinese “dimgogo 1000w” x3 and so far in vege only under (1) I’m happy. I do appreciate your experience believe me man! Tnx
  11. Very awesome results for me brotha. 605 ACTUAL watts of a mix of Cree CXB3590s, platinum LED, n LEDgle.. 3*4*6.5 tent. 6 girls in 8 gal GARDENMATE felt buckets (I know. Newb mistake. Overcrowding..) But boy did that mix of white cobs w deep reds n blues of Platinum.. 19ish oz dryb(including loss of my BIGGEST kola to white mold. Hell of a harvest boys! received_10211450789918840.jpeg
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