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  1. Aloha GC!
    After about a year of lurking and fantasizing here the time has finally come- My first grow box!
    Becoming legal is such a long process...I envy some of you other states. Right now I've got some supplies but I'm still on the drawing board. I plan on running 12/12 because of size restrictions and so I can have a good amount of diff strains. Gonna grab an LED from TopLEDGrowLight. Everything on my List is still on my list because I'm not 100% sure what to grab. I have a ton of questions... Help me out GC!
    On Hand Supplies so far-
    Cab:  35 3/8"H x 25 5/8"W x 18 7/8"D Sterilite cabinet - $55
    Seeds:  ALL FEM 1x Barney's LSD 1x Barney's Pineapple Chunk 1x Bomb THC Bomb 1x Vision Northern Lights  Thanks Herbies! 5 days to the door
    -What would utilize the space and light better: 2 plants in a scrog or 3-4 with tie down lst?
    I'd like to stay away from fimming/topping to speed up harvest.
    Supplies On List to get-
    Soil: Pondering between FFOF or Pro Mix???, mixed with EWC and perlite (FFOF might burn seedlings?)
    Pots: Depends on how many plants I go with. I think max would be a 1.5 gallon for the space? I don't want to repot at all
    Nutes: I want to let the soil do most of the work for the natural veg stage, then add some sort of organic bloom regiment when preflowers show up?
    Lights: TopLEDGrowLight- Reflector 48x3w or Mars II 80x5w? I think the Mars would be overkill for that small space but the 48x3w might be too weak. Im leaning towards the Reflector with a CFL.
    Vents: I was thinking a weak active intake on the bottom, but with that space how much CFM will I need to clear that space nicely with a diy carbon filter attached?
    With a little bit of input from you guys, I'll be up and running very soon!
    Sorry for all the questions...I want my first experience to go as smooth as possible.

  2. Lighting wise you'll end up with a similar setup to me, space is close too... My light is a crappy Apollo 48x3w UFO. No reflector, it would have made a huge difference I bet. Do the reflector led and add 2-3cfls and you should end up OK.

    My first run had a lot of drastic mistakes, 3 plants each topped once then lst (never topping again, felt like recovery took too long to me) . I went from the possibility of 12 really nice colas to 8 OK colas because of an accident, and in the end I got 7.9g dried.

    That's from not following the idea of leave it the fuck alone. 😉

    135w UFO LED Micro Grow:
  3. Whoa that grow was adventerous! Lol. I like your soil mix. I dont have access to too many organic goodies but what would you recommend for a 12 12?

    Also, what spec cfl should I use? Im thinking mixed but I know one promotes stretch and I dont want that...dont remember which one though..

    If I go with scrog the led and cfls will be evenly placed in the center of the cieling.
    If I go with lst im going to place the led at a slight angle on the right side with cfls on the left wall and left side of cieling. The pots will be on the right side under the angled led and I will train the girls horizontally towards the left and support it from the top. Thoughts?
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    For now I'd just stay evenly spaced/centered, but your idea is interesting and might make for a cool journal to follow.

    Since you're going to have the Led I'd just use 6500k bulbs, should get your flowering spectrum from the led anyway, so you'll have minimum stretch with the 6500 bulbs.

    I'll update you with some photos of how I'll be doing my cfls and led together once I have it set.

    If there are two organic plant additives I would highly suggest you getting - they would be kelp meal and earthworm castings.... Seriously those two things can make a world of difference in even a crappy soil, and they won't burn your plants.

    135w UFO LED Micro Grow:
  5. Cool thanks for the soil tips.
    Are you using the same cab? Any changes in your lights or just positioning?
    If I go with the horizontal LST there will be one cfl vertical on the left side so it slightly stretches that way but not crazily.
    The LED has dual spectrum. I was thinking having both veg and flower on before preflowers, then switch to only flower afterwards.
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    Nah, my cab is a modified shelf from housewares in Walmart... I don't have as much depth as you, but my height and width are very similar

    I'm just adding cfls to the cab and rearranging the lights to fit my needs better....

    Going to put 3 plants in the flower cab every 2 weeks, I should have maximum of 15 plants in the cab at a time, doing single cola SOG.

    135w UFO LED Micro Grow:
  7. I'm doing a sog Hempy bucket in a cab similar in size, not 12/12 from seed, but pretty close. I'm aiming to keep my plants around 20" tall or less, so far its been working quite well with some lst . don't bother topping if you want quick harvests

    For your lights, you'll want about 30-50W per square foot for veg, and about 50-100 for flowering, so I suspect the led you are looking at, I would only run the veg spectrum, then run both when flowering, or run both while vegging, and supplement some more light with cfl or led during flower. Best of luck and I am subbed up

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  8. Thanks for joining Dazed!
    Wow been reading through your grow for a while now lots of good info in there. Still not done lol. Crazy good building skills man.

    Im jelly of your cold temps, its hot and humid all year round for me. Probably gonna need extra extra fans with the cfls in there.

    So what youre saying is if I add cfls or not during flower both led spectrums should be on? Just cuz its 12 12 or..?
    2 or 3 cfls?
  9. When you run in partial spectrum, you won't be using the full power of the light, might as well use both for more wattage /sqft.

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    Sorry i forgot you are 12/12 from seed. I would use both spectrums just because you don't have any veg time at all with 12/12 and those plants will want as much light as possible. You can always add a few CFLs on the sides just to give them more, I have learned they really love light lol. I'm vegging mine under 18/6 till they are ~5" tall just because they won't show sex until the first two-four weeks anyway, but they will be pretty much the same size as 12/12 from seed since they have so much indica and the solo cup keeps them small. I think you'll be happy with the results you see, micro growing is awesome... And addicting :)

    I don't think you'll be too jelly of our temps for much longer lol. somehow it's still hot enough for me to ride my motorcycle right now but in two months it will be -50C plus 20+ mph windchill haha. It gets so cold here the oil freezes in your engine in about an hour in winter time if you don't have a block heater and oil pan heater :p it sucks about the humidity, hopefully you have a dehumidifier you can keep in the room to help. Our summer/spring months are very hot and humid so I have one set to 40% just in case I need it :)

    Sorry for the wall of text, just smoked some really dank stuff and I'm bored!

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  11. I wish I had a motorcycle..I ride my fixie all over town :) good workout. And I blabber alot too when I smoke especially this sweet tooth ive beem chiefin.

    Smart. Ha you both had the same answer pretty much. Perpetual is the goal so maybe 18/6 first couple weeks for the first run then keep the 12 12 and pop in little girls whenever.

    Goin with simple lst just cuz its my first grow and I dont wanna do anything too crazy.

    My TopLEDGrowLight Reflector 48x3w will be ordered very very very soon.
    Doing some research on which cfls to supplement with. Any recommendations?
  12. I'm personally adding around 6 13w -23w bulbs, and probably another exhaust depending on heat buildup. Not using anything special for bulbs....

    For perpetual, make sure you write down how long your ladies take from the time they start to harvest.... That will give you an estimate for how long your flowering period is - then decide how many plants/container sizes you can fit in maximum. Divide it out weekly, biweekly, or monthly, to decide how often you need to add plants in for regular harvested...

    Example: 56 day strain (8 weeks).
    I can only fit around 15 total plants in my cab in solo cups and feel comfortable with their light situation.
    Every 2 weeks I put 3 rooted clones into the cab - so at the end of 8 weeks I'll have we 12 plants in the cab, maybe 15 if I throw in a strain that flowers a little longer.

    See the idea? I keep my newest plants on a platform to get them closer to the light, while I move the plants that are finishing up closer to the heaviest light penetration location. - kind of progressively moving plants from left side to the right side where most of the led and cfl light should hit them.

    Perpetual takes some work to figure out what you're looking for, but once dialed in, you can make some pretty large yields/month in a small space.

    135w UFO LED Micro Grow:

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