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lecithin to use or not

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Shaggyswife, Mar 4, 2023.

  1. Hello, hope everyone is doing good.
    I made Cana coconut oil and it has lecithin in it. The recipe I want to use calls for lecithin also.
    Should I follow the recipe, leave it out or use less?
    Thanks for any info
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  2. yes use lecithin
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  3. You have to exceed 30% Lecithin to Oil before issues start to crop up with clumping and uneven consistencies.
    Most recipes use well under 5% to emulsify. The higher ratios are for improved bioavailability more then Cooking use.

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  4. Damn and Welcome to the City.
    I never spot the new member badge in time.

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  5. Hello Mrs. Shaggy. Welcome to GC. I'd go by how much lecithin I used and how much the recipe calls for. I bet you'll be fine with doing it either way.
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  6. Thank you all for the replies. Happy to know I can still add it in. I was worried there might of been a reaction or something with too much.
    have a great weekend!
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  7. Welcome to Grasscity. Good question! Others have answered so I'll just say hi.
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  8. Thank you all for the welcome.
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  9. yes use lecithin
  10. The liquid kind works best.
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  11. I've been wondering how lecithin behaves when added to an all oil mixture such as hash oil. Without water there is nothing to emulsify so what's the point in adding it? Does lecithin make the oil globs disperse faster and in smaller globules after it drops into a bit of water in the gut? And if added to hash oil and swallowed, is the bit of lecithin transported across the gut membrane along with an attached bit of oil or must they be absorbed separately? I've tried to find the answer to those questions for a long time but nope, all I find are explanations on how lecithin emulsifies oil and water.

    As I currently understand it, regardless of how a lecithin/hash oil mixture is absorbed, almost all of the hash oil we swallow is absorbed. The bioavailability depends on the percentage of cannabinoid dose that is metabolized by the liver on the first pass so bioavailability doesn't depend on an emulsifier, it depends on the percentage of molecules deactivated by the liver before going into the general circulation. And I haven't read anything that says lecithin works to prevent the liver from metabolizing THC. First pass metabolism is why inhaled THC is more bioavailable than when eaten. If bioavailability depended on lecithin, inhaled THC should have a lower bioavailability than lecithin containing edibles but that isn't the case. The mechanics of it all makes me think the common knowledge that adding lecithin to hash oil increases its bioavailability is an urban myth. Maybe I just don't have a good grasp of the science involved.
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  12. If bioavailability depended on lecithin, inhaled THC should have a lower bioavailability than lecithin containing edibles but that isn't the case.

    I always thought the opposite.
  13. Yeah, that was one of my points I'm saying IMO bioavailability doesn't depend on lecithin, damn near 100% of the hash oil is absorbed both when inhaled and eaten. It is the liver metabolizing THC that determines bioavailability and only part of the inhaled THC goes first from the lungs to the liver while the majority goes straight into the general circulation. When eaten, THC collection is more complicated but more is sent first to the liver which means there is more first pass metabolism of THC than with an inhaled dose. That's where I get confused, it's something about lymphatic transport of lipophilic particles that gives me headaches trying to understand and that may be where an emulsifier is beneficial and where I'm going wrong. When the conversion of delta 9 to delta 11 comes into the picture I'm lost but as I understand it, delta 9 from both inhaling and from edibles is converted into delta 11.

    But shit, if I had it figured out I wouldn't have questions.
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  14. Try using "Liposomal Encapsulation" as your search.

  15. IThanks and although I appreciate the suggestion, it's because I understand a little about how micelles and liposomes form that makes me confused about how a phospholipid emulsifier such as lecithin could encapsulate nonpolar oil globules such as hash oil in a nonpolar solution such as coconut oil. Oil in water or water in oil I can understand but oil in oil liposomes is beyond me. And I've tried to understand, I think if my brain was ever capable of understanding it lost the ability somewhere among the years but I really think my problem may be a lack of innate intellectual ability.
  16. I'm in much the same boat. Hell I can't even pronounce most of the damn words in the science journels but i've tested it enough times I simply shrugged and went with it. No doubt in my mind that it does work.

  17. It must work since so many people agree with you. Still I need to understand how the engine works before I have enough faith to sell the horse. It's a problem sometimes.
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