LEC 315 light emitting ceramic

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  1. we are about to start a large medical marijuana grow and have been told by our local hydro store owner that this new technology is the ONLY way to go.
    Power usage is almost half of a 600 watt hps and the finished product is much superior. She grew side by side with the same strain from the same mother and said she didn't recognize the finished product it was so much better.

    Question I have is....has anyone on this forum used them and are they as good as promised?
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    CMH is what it is, LEC is not a scientifically accurate term, it is a trade mark by a manufacturer of CMH lights.
    I have not used them, but understand them to be more efficient than most HID and provide a nice UV segment to the spectrum. As far as the efficiency diff, probably only like 10-15% in reality. Google CMH vs HPS (or LED vs CMH for that matter), always always do your own research.

    Get on top of the latest lighting tech before you start your procurement process.

    And GrowMou5 youtube channel, watch em all.
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  3. actually this was interesting and seems to support the efficiency claims, of course 380 watt COB LED killed em both.


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