Lebron james

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by SmokerZLink, May 27, 2009.

  1. THE KING... he has the power to control games....
    Kobe is old news...
    Wade is out of the discussion
    Dwight is a beast who i think would beat up Lebron if they ever fought

    i mean if he can pull this off.........3 point game winner

    but i would rather have dwight as body guard
  2. I'd take kendrick perkins over all them nikkehz

  3. no shot
  4. you did'task who has the better shot u asked who would make the better body guard

  5. wow bro serious?????

    i meant there is no shot i would ever have chose him
  6. Kobe, only because he's a shit-talkin mother fucker. I could handle my own fights, but to watch him get his ass beat daily would be a blasty blast.

  7. i hope thats a joke cause that was dumb as shit.

    anyways, i would take bron...hes probably just as strong as dwight and he doesnt dress in fucking purple like dwight.
  8. tonight was amazing
  9. Give me Artest

    Maybe Shaq or Big Ben or even Nate Robinson
  10. all these "Lebron is God" thread would have been a lot more effective if they actually won the eastern conference.

    kobe's got 3 rings. remember that.
  11. As a player ill take lebron james. I voted for Dwight Howard because that fools huge. But if i could take anyone in the NBA as a bodyguard i would probably take either Zach Randolph (intense looking motherf**ker) or JR Smith
  12. Kobe is the King of the NBA.
    LeBron hasn't carried his team when needed.
    Bodygaurd I would take any 155 pound MMA fighter over any NBA guy.

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