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  1. this is bullshit i love lebron and all the analyst on espn but im gettin pissed because im still yet to hear one person speak the truth which is that basically no matter what he isnt winning a championship next year

    think about it they are talking about ' he could win if he goes here but they'd need this and he could win if he goes here but they'd need that

    and these motherfuckers seem to of had forgotten that (although cavs wont be nearly as good without him )

    the number 1 2 3 and 4 teams in the east are still going to be around next season while lebron is trying to win

    I need to hear somebody mention this before the end of the day that next year the magic and the celtics will only be better

    and the fact that the bulls ' knicks ' nets ' heat ' whatever are nowhere to be found in these playoffs

    I just don't see it happening at all cause IMO the players around him will be just as good as the ones at cleveland

    just had to put this out there and get some opinions because they really act like next year he's going to have a championship but the truth is none of these teams are going to win the whole thing next year '

    unless he goes to the celtics or magic which isnt happenign i dont see him with a ring next year
  2. I had a dream last night where Cleveland and Toronto signed and traded Bosh for Lebron (which doesn't really make any sense), but I was so bummed out that the two top players I want on the Knicks were taken.

    It as relieving to turn on sportscenter this morning and find out that this didn't happen.

    I agree that he won't win a ring next year, but any team he goes to will be a playoff contender. And if a team like the Knicks can sign him and Bosh/Wade maybe others, they could be a legitimate contender immedietly.

    I still think he'll stay in Cleveland though, but I will be very unhappy about it.

  3. haha thats funny i was gonna say maybe thats a sign but i dont see that happening

    and yeah you get it but see they keep talking about championships not playoff contentions ... its so unrealistic

    and they seem to be leaning towards him and rose teaming up on tha bulls

    i never heard anything bout wade possibly teaming up with him on a new team maybe cause no one team has the money to get them but thats another thing they aren't mentioning much is the money and how much each team has to spend between the possibility of getting bosh lebron and or wade

    i just think they are fucking up today basically cause they're spending 70% of the show talking about this and they aren't even mentioning the right things I'd say they're talking in circles
  4. You all are sleeping on the Charlotte Bobcats!
  5. Very Good Point ^ They are owned by Michael Jordan. That could persuade LeBron in some way.
  6. Honestly, if the Bulls get LeBron, they will murder shit. Hinrich, Rose, LeBron, Noah, and Deng. That will be a good team. and his main purpose is winning, supposaly, so idk why he woul go to the Knicks, cuz they're nowhere winning anything, and adding LeBron isn't gonna make them win as many games as they need. So I think it's between Cleveland, Chicago, and maybe Miami.
  7. yeah i say his best bet would be bulls but i still think the celtics are gunna have another beast season next year and would probably beat them in the eastern conference finals which wouldn't make him much happier

    but id say 2012 they could win it ' although then they'd have to go against the lakers

    so who knows

    i dunno if anybody else agrees but i feel like lebron career is kinda gunna be plagued by competition

    i just dont see any of these teams he's considering being dominate to the point where they are number one seed to win the championship anytime soon

    and then when he finally gets his team to a final they will have to defeat the western team which will most likely be the lakers
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  10. Please please please ANYWHERE BUT CHICAGO.. I love Derrick Rose but I fucking DESPISE Joakim Noah.
  11. I agree the Bulls could be scary if they land LeBron but i don't think it will happen cause then he has to live with playin in MJ's shadow and i dunno if he can do that. As for the knicks, if they can land both him and bosh that alone makes them an instant playoff team and if they can add a few more nice pieces watch out. But i think the thing that may keep him from there is he'd get 30 million less in base salary then if he signed with the Cavs, plus New York has a state tax which someone who is looking to be a sports billionare like LeBron may not like so much lol.

    I personally wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of sign and trade with LeBron going to a team noone expects. Because if LeBron signs with anybody else besides the Cavs he loses 30 million dollars. But if he tells the Cavs he definately isn't coming back and he wants them to look into a sign and trade so he still gets his 30 million that opens up a whole ton of teams to get in the mix. Teams like Dallas, even the Lakers and many more teams that have good talent in exchange for LeBron. So atleast the Cavs would get somethin in return and LeBron would get his extra 30 mil.

    Also wouldn't be surprised if Wade convinced LeBron to come play with him in Miami...that would be a scary scary combination. 2 of the top 4 players in the league on the same team i don't know if thats ever happened before.

    But honeslty nobody has any fuckin clue what hes going to do, its all speculation and hear say and to keep people interested and guessing.
  12. why do so many people think that LeBron won't go to the Bulls because of Jordan?

    So the fuck what?

    He's going to go where he can win, and Chicago is most definitely the most viable option RIGHT NOW.

  13. Yea i think winning is important to him but i also think builiding his own legacy is just as important and in Chicago the only way he can do that is to win 7 championships which ain't goin to happen. LeBron may say hes strictly in it to win but trust me thats not the complete truth hes in it for his best interests too. Now if he goes to New York and wins a championship within the next couple years he'll be seen as a Hero and the guy who finally brought another championship to the Knicks and he really will be the King of New York no matter what he does after that.

    So the way i see it, its much easier for him to build his legacy in New York then the Bulls cause he will always be compared to Jordan and his 6 championships.
  14. miami play with wade sounds like the best option to me

    those 2 together with another player could be sicker then jordan and pippin
  15. I agree about the whole thing with Jordan-Chicago, he will always be overshadowed by him if he plays there. I think he should just stay with Cleveland they already fired their coach if they get a good person to fill in and get a couple of the right players they can be an actual legit contender

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