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Lebanese Red ?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Walking Boots, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. HI there my friends,

    i have order some stuff from a grow shop and when the package arrived i saw that they have offered me 7 lebanese red seeds... so here's my questions, because i can't get any info all over the web.

    Is this a good weed to grow ?

    It is a good strong high to smoke ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. the libanes strain is low size indica, not very srong (landrace),that takes from 8 to 10 weeks indoors and its not very productive neither as it happens with most of the pure strains coming from their origin countrys they can never be compared to strains like widow, skunk,because it has never been hibridized just crossed.
    in another words if you are a truly indica lover and you have stronger shit going on its a good plant to have, otherwise another stronger indica or most indica strains will be more likely for you. anyway its a good plant to have outdoors, not very strong, mold resistant, early flowring, and if you like hash from lebanon expect a yellow earthy polm unless you use red soil so it will take its famous red shape.
    i did it both in/out and for me its not worth it to grow it in, it may be too little productive, but outdoors with plenty of sun, water and good soil, turns into 1,5-2 meters plants with the normal indica shape, that produces medium size colas, normal indica hash smell, taste.
    the only plant i did weight,with 183 yielded more than 800 grs of wich i made almost 90 gr of a fresh yellow polm of superb quality.
  3. yea man i agree.
    I live in Lebanon and honestly we don't have good weed strains here like white widow or super skunk.
    however, we ve got one of the best hash in the world :D
    so my advice is to plant it outdoors, read everything in this forum about making hash and watch some videos about it, and i'm positive you'll enjoy the hash pretty much
    best of luck bro ;)
  4. There is no more Red Leb. That's an old time strain long gone with the wind.
  5. yeah what a shame it has been the best hash i ever tried and of course its gone.
    due to bad growing conditions, not selective breeding ... makes that lebanese plant is now weaker than it was,happens the same in morroco, afghan...in morroco the plants most used in hash production is a one cola with no branches is due to dry climate, massive breeding, bad growers and is much weaker than it was twelve years ago (first time i smoke morrocan. i did remember the double zero (a.k.a. red bubble) its a legend in spain. you still see the old people talking bout this hash, as i can remember from twelve years ago to this day morrocan hash has become weaker, cheaper and tones of bad quality hash are now in spain. the polm i smoked at the begginig it was killer, it came from ketama and the prize was 7-8 € gr hard to get just a few dealt with it (too expensive) now you get several kinds of polm not more expensive than 3-3,5€ gr but is crap. double zero came in pieces we call eggs people ate them tto cross the border to spain and then shit it (no jokes), and you knew it was fresh because the smell, used to be at 10- 12 € gr it was hipnotic,mental high one of the best highs with hash ever had, now its just a legend some similar hash is now in spain, same way to get here, but no quality left, prizes now are from 5-8 € gr. but is not 00 anymore.
    and people trying to bring new genetics fucked it up too, mixing landraces to skunk... as they say to bring potency to the land, this crap makes that if you go to jamaica you wont find any jamaican strains but you can get instead skunks, n.lights...
    i think we should preserve all this legend strains, keep them away from crosses, because they are a part of history.
    lebanon red if its real lebanon i think you should keep it in yoUr garden, specially if you tried lebanese hash. one of the best hash ever.
  6. In the "old" days when hash was dominant there was:

    1) Black Afghani (Afghanistan)
    2) Red Leb (Lebanese)
    3) Blond Leb (Lebanese)
    4) Turkish Green (Turkish)
    5) Purple Fingers (Nepalese)
    6) Katmandu (Black Nepalese)

    Most people here weren't even born when those strains were being inhaled.
  7. Here's a pic of a slab of Red Leb:

  8. thanks a lot for the info :)

    just one question... it's my first time growing, and i have it outdoors.. is this good weed to smoke or it's more to make hash ? bOoOoOm
  9. The song with the most incorrectly posted lyrics on the internet....

    "Chicago Green talkin' bout Red Lebanese"

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdXjm8pZMws]YouTube - Humble Pie-30 Days In The Hole[/ame]
  10. yeahh!!! it is good enough to smoke it, its not as strong as any hybrid like jack herer... but a smooth smoke for relax, watch movies... you should use bio fertilizers (not too much), lots of sun and i'm sure that you'll be happy with the weed. as i said before dont use lots of fertilizers maybe guano or wormshit???(I dont know if its the real translation), i mean shit from the bats and worns, they release the nutrients slower than liquid fertilizers, good soil (not red soil unless you want to do hash) and as much sun as they can have. due to growing conditions in lebanon is a plant that dont need much water too, but if you want it to grow big give them like any other plant, depends of the conditions of course. its a real easy strain to grow but it can do some hermies, if you can take care of that i'm sure you wont have problems.
    i hope it helps, good luck!
  11. thanks a lot Dezman.. i will give you guys some feedback later :smoking:

    thanks and good luck with your growings :)

    love & light
  12. If it is red leb then youl be in 4 a treat its suspected that this strain is extinct im not sure but it was very popular bak in day.

    Think the red leb hash is a grade of hash the red leb seeds r a strain of bun not necessarily used in making the hash.

    You will get baked 4sure way back when it was popular it would have been grown outdors quite poorly nowadays any old skool strain grown with todays grow methods n technology will produce as potent buds as jack h n co i reference barnys farm acapulco gold as its one of strongest tastiest buds ive smoked n that was from amsterdam where the quality of bud has drastically declined yet an old skool landacre was knoking socks off most of bud there

  13. Here in lebanon there is no weed strains bro... it's all hash strain and for those who say that RED LEBANESE is gone with the wind...you can join me and smoke with me right now:D
    but it wont be good unless u plant it in Bekaa valley in lebanon...so good luck planting them
  14. wow

    how do you know this

    leb red

    leb blonde
    same plant samefild red is just harvested later do to time constraints on the farmer

    the strain turn slightly red to give the final hash product a reddish brown color

    its not actually RED LOL
  15. yes nice see how brittle it looks

    due to tri's state of moisture which is low by the time they press it
    as they let the harvested flowers dry for months prior to sifting

    where as is black hash products
    such as gold seal afghan { the kief is pressed whilst fresh in addition to liquid such as water and tea, mostly tea because that is usually what the faking old poor ass arab has beside him during the production

    then it is mixed heated rolled heated rolled then pressed into block or flat pancakes
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    yes very decent, for hash production purposes when grown in leblid

    as the weed in becka valley grows naturally

    they have serious seeds in them due to the wild nature of the field

    but i did grow the true land race strain , it in hydro set up with reg good gardening practices turns out damn fine

    as for red leb seeds............not such a thing
    the strain there just turns slightly red later in the harvest

    hence the blonde n red hash from lebanon the red isn't red its reddish brown

    if you want true let land race strain i can tell you where to get the seeds

    but it is only reg no feminized i i said its true landrace from lebanon famed bekka valley

    where all the let hashish is produced
  17. Love the Leb red hash.
    It's been 26 years since I've had any.
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    da red is the same as the blonde

    just the leb strain used turns slightly red later in the season

    but as for effect its the same plant but ,,,,,,if u subscribe to the theory(i do ) that tri's that are harvested later in grow cycle (dark amber ) give a different effect then yes the red could indeed be a different high slightly more yellow mellow and as i used to say more chill

    as i lived in lebanon and regularly enjoyed both red and blonde

    preferring the blonde as it was a racier type high

    back to my reply

    but the leb strain is indica based but with sativa type effects

    for blonde leb hash use>.........
    i found taking the green crack sativa strain and the indica based green crack

    1-using a 70/30 blend of sativa green crack /indica green crack
    i guess you could use any sativa indica ratio

    i tried many but the one i listed were as close to the original effect as you desire

    there may be other combo with the same desired effect but the green carck strain is wow to grow yields nice nice nice near commercial amount with the that will fuk u up

    fast to harvest included !!! LOL

    2-using a tumbler,,,,,, like the tumble now unit

    if u want just tiny batches go to wacky willies .com look at the mini hand held device to do the same as the tumble now unit just super affordable if u only want grams at a time

    3-harvest tri's

    4-then press u have a hash that is nearly identical to the red hash experience

    if u want it to be true blonde and true red

    let the harvested tri's sit out and dry 2 weeks approx depending on RH

    they need to be dry so when pressing the pressure and heat don't turn outside shell of pressed hash blackish color

    freshly harvested tri's will turn blackish on outer layer if pressed fresh

    if pressed after they are dry you will get practically authentic blonde let hash

    to get red let hash

    use 50% sativa green crack/ 50% red poison by sweet seeds or dark devil

    ...........fuckin red red plants when mature and make seriously red red hash if used 100%
    for an auto its damn impressive in the the column dark devil taste like berries if i could juice the shit and drink it i would LOL

    then follow the rest of the steps ands u will have red let hash that i found to be near identical in effects

    as i can no longer bring the real deal back to canada

    i experimented for nearly a year to get the mix right

    i believe from many years of smoking the real mcoy recently as 2013
    i found the secret sauce LOL

    give it a go

    you feel as if you shot bak in time smoking true red leb

    if you don't care about color and only effect press freshly harvested tri's

    as i do

    not the real deal as looks go

    but same seasoned effect yum

    the racy high turns starts out slightly wow talking a mile a minute but then melts into a calmer less anxiety more cofient i kick ur ass in a game of billiards type high where its as you feel u could talk to a crowd of a million with no stage gitters

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  19. hey deuce, where can I get those seeds? I just started growing heirloom and landrace indica varieties for medical use in concentrates (hashish included), tincture, and of course buds. so far I just have a broad leaf true afghan growing, and some hindu kush seeds in reserve. if you can tell me where I can get more genuine landrace seeds like the bekka valley landrace, that would be amazing. I think landrace genetics hold a lot of potential for medicinal use because of their naturally broad cannabinoid profile.
  20. #20 hd deuce, Mar 30, 2016
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    the "real seed co "
    but i just checked they no longer list it

    but they do have a multitude of true land race still listed

    all of the strains i will list I've grown
    and all are awesome even the ones that are not true land race

    you will want them all ,,,,,,,,,, check the site out and get bak to me

    >>>>>blue hemp switzerland has " lebanese x grape fruit "

    as for lebanese ,,,,drum roll please

    i found it in my strain book for different site

    and i just confirmed it is still on there

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> reefermanseeds.net

    enter " lebanese" in search bar

    it has preview why the breeder is choosing landrace due to genetic gene pool being weakened

    as for awesome hash strains here is a world class list of resin producers

    hash plant by seedsman
    hash passion has morraccon hash taste

    hash bomb its so so

    hash bar OG damn fine wicked smoke !!!!!

    this one is one of my favs ,,, hashberryy by "jordan of the islands"

    this next one almost tops the list black afghan " high grade seeds "

    the real seed co strains are...

    1- malana cream
    2-nanda devi
    4-this one is the top of the list it is true true origin of top quality gold seal hash from afghanistan
    " mazar-i-sharif "
    google pics of afghan gold seal the gold stamp says MAZAR - I - SHARIF ON IT



    THE FOLLOWING ARE also wow resin drenched ladies !!!!!

    holy grail kush
    x 18 pure pakistan
    pure afghan
    afghani #1

    this next one tops the resin list
    EL FUEGO wow drips with resin best hash taste going true true taste like the leb hash taste so fine you will want to bring a brick to bed after you make it just to smell it

    i have the hash making method down to a art

    as i witnessed it being made back in the old country and once in morocco

    both blonde and black methods now a days with you tube
    ,,,,,,, u needn't go to the middle east any longer to witness the true method of the forefathers of hashish....

    just google it
    i can confirm the methods shown ,,,,are actually the way they do it over there

    no bullshit fake video its footage of actually old timers making blonde and black hash

    i could swear it took me back in time when i witnessed it in person

    check the videos out easy to replicate the methods
    if you use any of the strains i listed ur hash will taste and feel like the real McCoy !!!
    and effect will be unmistakably legit and true to the hash from over there

    the only hash that gives some what of a racy high is the let blonde

    i hope i helped

    tumble now dry sift unit

    incredible , the only way to go

    never the dry ice method for black hash

    good for blonde hash as it dry's out the tri , but if u do use dry ice method i recommend using co2 not dry ice chunks ,,,
    freeze the bud super cold with a stream of co2 ,,then tumble it
    5 minutes max other wise u will get green shit ,,,,,plant material
    the tumble now has a 70 micron screen if any plant material does drop off the 70 micron screen will save u
    use the kief that falls through the 70 micron screen
    i filter mine down to 5 microns for pure pure blonde hash

    customize the tumble now drum by wrapping a 5 micron mess screen made from a bubble hash bag on the same site

    wacky willies for reference then once u see what i mean go to ur fav site order make enjoy

    smile enjoy smell hash taste hash share hash
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