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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by s0ulsbane, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hey guys :wave:

    I'm sorry I'm double posting this thread from the Sick Plans and Problems section. Hope I'll get some better feedback here :eek:

    So here's what happened.
    Last year, my friend had rented a house in the mountains with a couple of his friends to chill out during weekends. A few month ago, he got a white widow seed and an afghan seed from his friend who went to amsterdam (we don't have good weed in Lebanon, just some mids that are pretty expensive). He planted them in January and moved them outdoors in March (it's not very cold here).

    Anyway, a month ago, he had a small problem with the police and couldn't go up to the mountains to take care of his plants (plus he's not that informed about growing, didn't ever add nutriments etc..) Yesterday, he went up to his house and to his surprise, the plants were still alive struggling!!!remember they re outdoor in a pot not in the ground!! and they survived more than a month without any water nor nutriments.. gotta be some good genetics I guess. Even small buds are starting to grow (very very tiny though)

    Plants are looking sick though, not bushy at all, leaves are pretty small, and the green is kinda light. Some leaves in the upper part of the plant are dry. but im no pessimiste

    We got it to our other's friend house yesterday and put it in a small forest next to his house (don't worry it's very safe there, it's a private property). We gave it some water (even to the leaves) and now i'm here posting this thread and asking your opinion.

    what should i do now?i ve never grown before, but i'm always here checking out your journals and i was gonna do it this month :) guess it s a pretty challenging but funny way to start. I also realised that pot were relatively small for the size of the plant which is about 1m, 1m50. what kinda nutriments should i add??what about water?
  2. So here are the pics.. Plants look a lot better in the photos. They feel kinda dry when u touch the leaves. Hope everything is gonna get better.




    The "hairs" are kinda dry too.. Sprinkled some water over them gently.


    Yellow Leaves..

  3. I thought Lebanese was famous for the Hash? why wouldn't you be able to find good stuff
  4. Man we got some great hash here but im pretty much sick of it and wanna smoke some dank..we don't have dank here that's the problem
  5. So would anyone recommend doing anything now??

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