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    It was a fun ride, but weed's cons have finally outweighed its pros. Weed brought a lot of benefits to my life and taught me how to have fun, but for some people like me who abuse it it's no bueno! I'm sick of feeling like an addict, being anxious when I can't cop, and not doing anything other than smoking all day. I'm turning into more of an antisocial fuckwad and can't stand that I'm still terrified of talking to women and don't like myself. I don't really blame weed for this but more my habits, though. I did the same shit with video games when I was younger.
    yesterday, after the dankest session i ever had i finally got sick of weed and realized i don't enjoy it anymore. i've been smoking 2-3 blunts a day the past few days but yesterday I had
    1 g blunt of sativa shake
    1 bowl of 20/g 27% THC holy grail
    A roach of the aforementioned 27% thc 20/gram bud
    1 entire double strength bhang bar
    1 kush shot (i know)
    and though I got faded as hell, it just wasn't fun. 
    Anyway my history. Being in socal it is ridiculously easy to pick up once you get a medical rec. I got mine in November 2012, renewed May 2013, and I'm stopping a few months before it expires again in May 2014. 
    During that time I did EVERYTHING high. I've discovered numerous smoke spots, explored the hell out of some of the coolest neighborhoods high off my ass and learned to be proficient in rolling blunts, joints, using a bong, different pieces, what strains I like, what music goes well with smoking. Shit, the whole lifestyle. I've studied high, taken tests high, eaten at buffets high, vaped in a movie theater, vaped at work, vaped before class, walked down the street with a J, walked down the street with a blunt, smoked on rooftops, smoked in hot tubs..I am willing to bet that in 2013 I was high the majority of my waking moments. I've made a lot of mistakes as well, such as hanging with shady people just to smoke, not doing my homework and letting my responsibilities slide (like right now...) and worst of all operating certain things that should be operated sober...high. I know, it's a huge debate whether driving high is safe, but I'll say that for me, it's not.
    I've had some of the most euphoric, blissful states these past couple of years and I owe it all to bud. It kept working as a solid antidepressant for many months, though in the end it's still just a plant and not a magic fix. I've also had some paranoia fueled anxiety attacks and general shit mood after abusing the plant. My bad. I discover something that makes me feel better than anything before to the point where I'm willing to put up with tripping out for 25-30 minutes for a mildly satisfying high afterwards.
    tl;dr thank you wiz khalifa, big sean and kid cudi. the wake and bake lifestyle was quite luxurious and i had more good times than bad ones, but due to changes in my brain chemistry and the growing desire for p*ssy i must take a very extended leave from toking. thanks for the good times, and the knowledge gained during the bad ones

  2. You sure you smoked sativas ? Anyway have fun bro its pussy time woop woop
  3. Too long didn't read
  4. theres a tl;dr at the bottom just for you!!
    i smoked everything but i noticed some problems lol 
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    How do u deal with mood swings and irritability when not smoking?
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    this is a big reason why I am stopping. Yes, when stopping I am more depressed, irritable and moody. But I was this way before I started. And honestly a big reason is I am not handling life as well as I would like to. I feel that with my pattern of abuse I am holding myself back from fixing my problems and getting a better life. 
    At this point, even if I smoke a ton I still get mood swings and irritability. It seems those effects only work when used in moderation...so in other words, the withdrawal from a very heavy smoking lifestyle causes more mood issues than not smoking at all does. But then again, I have a huge tolerance from concentrates and all day every day usage.
    I am hoping to use exercise and yoga instead. 
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    Take your buddy with ya!
  8. Am I high or did you just really give a shout out to some rappers for the "wake and bake" lifestyle??? Smh
  9. You can't get pussy while high?
    I get MORE pussy while high.
  10. It's probably just you, not the weed IMO.
    no i totally agree i just have a tendency to be depressed and repeat pleasurable behavior to the point of boredom
  12. bud good luck staying sober I know it can be rough sometimes. And as someone else said get some exercise it relieves depression and anxiety and gives you that feel good feeling, I know after a good workout I get elated like no other! Hope you get your life sorted broseph, in the meantime I will burn one for ya!
  13. i dont get the whole speech, almost sounded like you were trying to brag about everything you've done.
    i guess what im trying to say is why the whole explanation?
    pce out though lol
    hope you get that pussy.
  14. Good deal, recognizing the problem is the first step to correcting it.

    I used to be kinda the same way tbh...

    Moderation was the key for me, my friend. It's tough to do at first. But life is tough at times.

    How you correct the problem is your prerogative though. Don't let anyone tell ya otherwise.
  15. weed is waaaay better than pussy. weed isnt always just sleeping in my house... I have to go buy it
    no such thing as withdrawal from pot...officer stadanko...
    new account
    scary bullshit story against using pot
    always with the noob support poking in...
    it is a common thing now...almost as if some anti mj/mmj zealot groups and LEO's are working overtime...hmm...propaganda?

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