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Leaving the U.S.?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BlowTreeAllDay, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I have realized the I cannot live in the U.S. anymore, the government is truly despicable. I really am scared of what they are going to do, and I have a bad feeling that it will happen soon. I need to get out of this country, but I have about 9,000 dollars in college loan debt. My parents are the ones who co-signed the loans, will the government go after them if I leave the country? I will not leave them with that debt, but if nothing can happen to them I will be out of here in a heartbeat
  2. they'll inherit the debt if you dont pay or they cant get in contact with you
  3. Even shittier. Tighten that chain
  4. I totally agree with you about this country. If I was younger I would be gone. Unfortunately I'm too old, too settled. To anyone young, I would say "get out while the getting is good." Capital controls have already started and they will continue to tighten as Washington gets more desperate for money. The militarization of law enforcement, drones flying overhead spying on us -- that we know they will eventually arm -- is a whole other thing.

    As for your parents, they will be liable for the money. I co-signed for someone a long time ago and if he was just a bit late on a payment, I don't think they even bothered to call him -- they just called me. Co-signing was a huge, huge mistake. But I got lucky, I only had to make his last one or two payments.

    I would really be interested how this all ends up, post back when you have any news if you don't mind. :D
  5. OK, so where do you suggest going? Do you think politicians in other countries aren't corrupt? Look at the tabloid bribery scandal in the UK, the former prime minister of Italy was jailed for fraud, Spain's almost 20% unemployment rate, Greek's imminent bankruptcy, Portugal's bailout by the EU, China's blatant human rights violations, and the list can go on.

    Don't take for granted how great this nation really is. We are a huge nation.. with such a large population, there can't help but be problems.

    The USA has more personal liberties and protections than any other country in the world. Free speech is an American right. The UK has a public camera system that puts anything in the US to shame. Germany actually has internet censorship.
  6. Just be careful leaving. National defense authorization act means they can legally snipe your ass on the way out, and for 9 grand, they might. This country's poor man!
  7. Forget about Europe. If I were going to do it, I would investigate South America first.

    About having more freedoms here simply isn't true anymore, especially since 9/11.

    The Bill of Rights is nothing but a joke. It's sad to see, but some of these ideas go back to the Magna Carta in 1215. The hard-fought rights of the common man against the King (government) have all been overturned in a decade -- often with the blessings of the masses. History repeats itself.
  8. South America is even more fucked if anything just move to Alaska like solid snake out in a cabin in the middle of no where just make sure you got some good genetic seeds and you're set bud
  9. this.
  10. I've been all over the world but I came back to the US to spend the rest of my life. We have it better here than anywhere else I've been.
  11. Pay off the debts as soon as possible... move to Canada. We are friendly, marijuana is not looked down upon, cops are polite and civil. We would love to have ya man

  12. Lol you have it better then anywhere else you've been? I find that highly unlikely... I would rather live in any country BUT the USA, I feel like it's turning into a slave prison over there.
  13. Go to iraq then

  14. Right now... I'd probably rather be in Iraq than the USA, some shit is about to go DOWN
  15. Have you ever lived in the USA?

  16. Yes. I spent my entire senior year of highschool travelling the northern side of the USA for hockey. All I can tell you is everyone I met was either rude, or very hostile.

    I can tell you from EXPERIENCE the last place I would want to live is the USA. I bet you lots of other people feel this way too.
  17. Yeah..........I believe you.......:rolleyes:
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    The reason for me to lie was because? Do you think I come on the internet and make up lies to make myself feel better? Seriously? .... :hide:

    Every hockey team I played, my whole team get's insulted for being Canadian, yet we beat every single american team we played. Why insult someone for being Canadian, when you are from AMERICA!

    My parent's just got back from Miami, they went to a Dolphins game. My dad told me he was watching the game while talking to my mom about the weather back home. Some ignorant drunk ass marine thought he'd yell out in front of everyone, "Why don't you fucking Canadians go back home eh?"

    Your country is so polite and welcoming.
  19. So you went to some.northern states out of all 50 states and you can tell the usa is shitty from that ? Theres shitty people everwhere you go
  20. Because you obviously want everybody to think the US pales in comparison to the great country of Canada.

    Really not that hard to figure out....

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