Leaving the light off for 26 hours. Week 2 of flower

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dimebong, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I need to change my times from 6am to 6pm to 8pm to 8am to control the heat as it is the middle of a very hot summer. I haven't got the money for a duct for my fans yet and the heat from the 400w is starting to turn the edges of the leaves up,
    as you can see here:


    I am 16 days into flower. I used a feminized seed. I could only find two threads about this and it all looked positive. Will i be okay?

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  3. What are your temps?
  4. Don't know. My thermometer is inacurate but on a cold day the oscillating fan can take care of the heat with the door always open.
  5. when it comes on at 6am let it go till about 10 a.m. its 12 hours of darkness till they come on again at 8pm problem solved :) you might stress them out leaving them in the dark for that long.. i know you leave them in the dark for like 40 hours right before you cut to make them stress and produce resin but i dont think you want to stress it like that yet.. just my opinion..
  6. The lights have just come on an hour ago after 26 hours of darkness. I had to do it. It was too hot.

    I also posted this on rollitup when i had no luck here and i was told it will stress the plant but not
    enough to affect the yeild or have any nanas. There was also another guy
    that left his lights off for 5 days because of a hurricane and he had no issues.

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