Leaving on vacation for 10 days

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skinnydippingdi, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. I'm toying with a closet grow but I'm going to be gone for 10 days approximately 4-6 weeks into the grow. I will be using fluorescents. Is it possible or just prone to accident and best to wait?
  2. LMFAO I dont know what the hell your question is supposed to be but your fluorescent lights will be fine but you will need some one to water your garden for you...

    make sure its someone that knows what they're doing because I had a bad experience with unexperienced people before.. ( they were using the ph acid like a nutrient putting half a cup of acid in the water bottles)
    not good!!! half of that crop died and the other half tasted like strong chemicals kinda like smoking a tire fire

    and thats even after I taught them and showed them and left notes on each bottle on what to do and how to do it!!...

    so make sure you have smart people that know what they're doing to take care of your garden...

  3. Sorry if I wasn't clear, the grow would TOTALLY be left alone, no one to water it. So I'm guessing I would need to set up a reservoir type system and make sure the flourescents are far enough away from the plant that they cannot get too close to be damaged or to start a fire.

    No one would be available to water the plants for 10 days, so I would need to design a system where they could survive on their own.

    Has anyone done this?

  4. The aquaglobes are interesting, I'm going to try them next time I'm in the states. They are pretty cool if they work, you could put a bunch of them in and let them work. Worst thing that could happen is dead plants here.

    I've been thinking about the automatic light raiser. The worrysome part is that it would require mechanical movement, which often submits to murphy's law on homemade systems. Will flourescents work at all if you put them a foot or 2 above the plant? Given how the plants grow to reach the light they will probably end up much taller but I guess beggars cannot be choosers. Fire is what really concerns me.

  5. Aqua globes might be better than nothing, but they are not a good way in general to water MJ. You can get an automatic irrigation system that will handle your needs and water the plant the way it needs to while you're gone.

    As for height, you can get some chicken wire and anchor it over the top of your plants while you're gone to restrain their height a bit, take it off when you get back.
  6. aqua globes are garbage! but you can buy self watering timer controlled irrigation systems

    and your lights will be fine... they're cool enough you can put your hands on em for as long as you want without burning yourself they wont start a fire

  7. i tried aqua globes when i went out of town, it worked for the time i was gone...about 5 days, the globes were empty but the soil was still a little moist on the bottom of the pot. It just wouldn't be enough water for 10 days, maybe you could rig a multi-aqua globe setup, it'd def be cheaper then a timer controlled irrigation system

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