Leaving it all behind

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zoopa, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Well blades this is gonna be one of the last times I post on this forum. Ive wasted enough time on here and gathered enough wisdom from all your randoms insights to make it (i think). Thanks for it all.

    "It Will be Tomorrow Soon"

    I've got a real nice setup, not to brag or boast.

    A good family, and girl, much more than most.

    I've gotten good grades and stayed pretty clean,

    can go to university but its just not for me.

    I'm tired of my peers and sick of my town,

    the longer I wait the longer my frown.

    So I'm giving it up and packing my bags

    heading off to boot camp, where i hear they hate fags.

    I've given up Mary which is hard cause i care,

    to find something in life that might not be there.

    I've given up my girl who loves me so much,

    I know that I'll miss the warmth of her touch.

    And yet here I lay, thoughts on my brain

    listening to the pitter and patter of rain.

    I ponder, I wonder, I think, and I worry,

    if I'll survive to continue my story.

    What of the change that we endure?

    and realize that none of us can really stay pure.

    So wish me luck if you will and I'll wish it back,

    cause I feel an empty space, in my heart, from the courage I lack.

    Thanks for reading if you did. cya in a few years blades.

    PS i dont hate gays (the fag line) lol
  2. Peace mate.
  3. Oo see u wen u reopen the thread with hella stories to tell! I shall blaze one for u
  4. You won't make it if your not into the military. Too many think its going to shape there life's, but four years later your back at sqaure one. Best of luck to you
  5. Peace bro good luck outside the City :smoke:
  6. Hahah right on dude. I wouldn't share this at boot camp ;)
    Thanks for the service
  7. best of luck, man. hope you find whatever it is you're looking for
  8. Leaving behind a great screen name, we'll miss you ZOOOOOOPPPPAAAAAAA
  9. Hey man, good luck. Just make sure this is what you want. I was certain that the military was for me, but it turned out that it wasn't. A-School washout here! I wasn't ready for the Navy and its way of life. Thats just me though. Godspeed to you sir and anchors aweigh!
  10. Why do you want to go into the military?
    You're searching for something more in life, do you think you can find it by ending somebody else's?
    Not disrespecting those who put down their own lives and all. But as far as I understand the army is about discipline, respect and loyalty - right? Sure these are traits you want to learn about. But true respect is not just for whoever is in command of you, and loyalty should not just be to those who are standing by your side against another side who are also all loyal to each other.

    Nobody ever became enlightened by putting a bullet in someone's brain.
  11. Peace bro
  12. Good luck bro.
  13. Be safe broski
  14. Ride on bro...
    Take care out there
  15. woop some ass out there op, huurahh
  16. What MOS? Where you going for Basic? Get all the schooling you can.

  17. im not looking to kill people so don't make assumptions, i realize that i am not prepared for what i might have to do/see. however i think im more likely to find out about myself and others through hardship and effort, school is neither. I have little respect for what i have seen of our education system. and id rather not work a low paying entry level job. thanks for the input tho man.

  18. Yeah i'm going to be a linguist so ill get plenty of schooling, and im heading to ft jackson for basic

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