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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by BCbombers, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. So i'm moving away from my girl for a few months.. we're not nymphos or anything but something about being around each other just makes us have that primal impulse to do the dirrrty. We've been together for about 2 years n have been faithful and i do trust her but i have the shittiest feeling about this move cuz for one my sex life hasnt seen that kind of break since it started. maybe a week at the most.. 5 months is really really going to be pushing it.. so i guess im asking for a female opinion.. after two faithful years do you thing she will still be trustworthy while im gone????
  2. From a guy's perspective after doing semester at sea: no
  3. yeah thats what im thinkin cuz i mean shit if i cant trust myself idk how the fuck i'd be able to trust her
  4. Honestly, I would talk to her about possibly having an open relationship for the time. It all depends on how serious you are with her. The bottom line is that as time goes on, you will both continually distrust each other. Ive seen many long distance relationships go down in flames and when the couple could of just figured something out before hand and youll have alot more fun away. Are you studying abroad?
  5. yeah france i cant wait. thanks for the words cuz
  6. I'm not sure. It depends on a lot of things. If you guys are always together andn always having sex then when she's not getting any it will probably be on her mind the whole time and she's going to want to fuck. If she's busy and has lots of things to do while your gone then she probably wont do much.
  7. Yeah dude, your going to be horny and romping around FRANCE for 5 months. Just tell girls that your grandpa is the reason that they arent speaking German right now and your set.
  8. haha sounds good man

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