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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chalker, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, sorry for being such a n00b, but i'm getting closer to starting my first grow (very excited) I just got my grow tent set up today. Anyway, it's summer here in aus, and i don't have any fans yet, today the temp got up to the 40's Celsius, so i'm planning to wait until i get a fan and summer ends, before I start any plants.
    My question is, is it ok to leave my equipment in my tent? Or will the high tempretures effect them? At the moment, the tent is empty other than the empty pots I have set up, so nothing will be on or running. Would it be ok to hang them up, and leave them there for the next couple of weeks before I start? Or should I leave them in the box, and hang them up when i have everything else ready? I would prefer to hang them up now, as i have kids that could get to the lights and break them, but if hanging them up now will be bad for the lights, i'll just hide them somewhere. Thanks, and again, sorry if i sound like a total n00b, just very excited and baked :D.

  2. When one goes on vacation, where does the stuff usually stay...."inside the tent". I think you will be fine.
  3. The equipment should be fine unless you have crazy humid air where moisture could get into a fan motor or ballast or somethin but I'd suspect even that'd be rare.

    Worse I've heard is people leaving stuff hung by bungee cords and them drying out and snapping and equipment falling down. I leave all my stuff setup in my tent even when not in use (minus the bulb, I always store them seperately when not in use).

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