Leaving College.

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  1. Thursday. So a buddy and i just got out of our Env. Physics final and decided to celebrate, we roll a blunt, pass the bowl, pack the grav a couple of time. Since we are stoners, we didnt clean up our apt. dorm until the last day. So we unpluged everything and put the cords on top of tables so we could pick up all the trash more easily. I move a small coffee table to plug in the cords after where done with all the trash. A box with 2 of my Ext. HDDs that were sacked on top of some cds, decided to fall down and how do i say it, SPILL THE GRAV, Everywhere. YUCK! only 1/3 of the water soaked into the carpet, 2/3 goes on the tile. Then later me and my friend were making some Stouffer's lasagna. He only eats 3/4 of his and ask me and my roommate if we wanted any. we don't want his food so as he proceeded to the trashcan, WOOOPS, he drops it. Thank god, i just put down my HP gaming mouse pad ( The only thing that HP has their name on, and i actually like. And it doesn't require talking to HP CS for hours. ) So the lasagna hits the mouse pad, and flips over onto the carpet, my sperrys were right underneath the mouse pad. we were lined-up to checkout around 3 friday. Friday comes. We had to move our move-out date to sat. So now its just me and roommate here another day,so they wake-n-bake. And just hang out playing COD:BO:zombies cuz PSN is still down. HOLY FUCKKK! SO after smoking all we had bought except for a bowl before we hit the road for the long ass drive home, 4hours. I can no longer continue the story due to this being Grasscity, not Dmtcity. But i must add so of course we didnt cash the slide after we hit it, I found it this morning, packed some green, OOOPS, was there still some yellow? oh shittt im gonna go lay down on the couch. lol.
  2. Hahahaha!

    The last sentence made me l o fucking l

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