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  1. Hey these are about 2 weeks old now noticed yesterday that leaves seem to be curling up a bit.
    I have 3 plants under a 300 watt led with a 100 watt cfl on each side. I think my led may have been to close it was about 8". I moved it up to 18" last night. Any thoughts?[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Don't really see a problem. Usually curled up leaves is a sign of heat stress. I see happy plants.
  3. Temp is around 27 Celsius I added a second circulation fan tonight and I'm still waiting for my inline exhaust to arrive. I can't seem to keep the humidity higher than 40

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  4. looks like you're well on your way!
  5. Pick up some liquid silica if you haven't already. I couldn't believe the difference it made, really helps with heat stress and like half a dozen other areas. I use half a tsp with every watering.

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