leaves yellowing?

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  1. my leaves are yellow-green. I wouldnt worry, but isnt yellow usually a little bit bad? should I feed them my mexican bat guano yet, they're a week old and I haven;t fed them anything yet. the temp. is usually between 72 and 80 degrees, and the lights are on 24/7. I included a picture of the one that i'm worried about, but im sorry its super low quality, i had to take it with my phone. The other ones i guess are yellowish green, but not to the point where i would worry about it yet. thanks a lot.

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  2. no dont feed them anything yet,
    what kind of soil mixture are you using?
    right now they look fine those cotlydons yellow but really thats kinda early for them to yellow unless they yellow more then you should maybe start to feed them

    ctotyldos are at least supossed to supply food for the first 2 sets of leaves and then start to yellow and fall off.......

    how often are you watering?
  3. my soil is .05 .05 .05 organic stuff. Also i've been watering lightly like every other day. I know i'm probably being paranoid, but out of 25 seeds i got, only 5 started growing, and so im really protecitve of my babies. thanks alot for the help man.
  4. be carefull not to get overgrowitis :)
    meaning you put to much love to them and you mess things up

    the best cure for that is let them grow for now dont overwater them much you are watering fine but dont over do it
    i see you are from the wet ring around the seedling

    thats fine dont overdo it right now they just need to stay moist not saturated because they only have a very small taproot

    is this bagseed you are growing?
  5. the seeds are the white widow strain from amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com, and i had just watered a little before i took the picture. today the ctotyldos leaves look even more yellow, and it just seems like it's too early for them to be doing that. one thing that may have happened is i may have shocked it. when i was transplanting them into bigger pots my roomate (who can be quite the klutz) completely puuled the little fella out of the dirt, without any soil still attatched to the root. i've noticed it's growing slower then the rest of them, but it finally seems to be recovering. but yeah, all the other plants are greenish yellow, but i dont think yellow to the point where i should worry. i just can't imagine what could be wrong with it. they haven't been fed yet, the ph is like 6.8, i definitely don't think i've been overwatering them, this has me really stumped. thanks for the responses though.
  6. here;s an updated picture from today.

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