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  1. This plant is 3 weeks old growing in a 4x4 tent under 24/0 400w HPS. The temp is at a steady 77. The top growth leaves have started yellowing on the edges and the bottom older growth seems to be slightly droopy. I'm not over watering. I water around every 3 days when its dry. The plant is in a 2.5 gal pot. The picture of the plant not under HPS was from yesterday. It has gotten significantly worse. The ph is a bit too acidic but I am unsure on how to change it. I water with water with the ph of around 7.2. I don't use any nutes. 3c4823198b262d6e7009a0db2abccc9d.jpg 792deec63331506302ac895d654bcdb2.jpg f0fdf3dc02c83b19a8037ad842883653.jpg
  2. Its in its final pot so I cant really mix dolomite lime into the soil. I have checked and no where sells hydrated lime anywhere near me. Will the dolomite lime help at all?
  3. I mean a 24/hr light cycle could explain your issue, it is possible to over dose your plant with too much light. It looks like heat stress and depending on how far your light is from the canopy it could be too much for the little guy.

    The plant leaves will also curl up when it is too hot and the humidity is too low. Basically the water in the leaves is being pulled forcefully through the veins when you speed up transpiration. Try adding more fans into your grow room. Circulation will help with that issue.

    Side note you can make soil less acidic by transplanting in a medium that has dolomitic lime mixed in it. This can be bought at most home and garden store (i.e. Home Depot, Lowes)
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  4. The temp is at 77 but my humidity is at 33%. Should I try to increase the humidity?
  5. oh god yes! that sounds like the issue, there isn't enough water in the system. Trying using a humidifier, wet towel, spray bottle, tray of water in the tent.

    Rule of Thumb:
    Seedling/Clone = 80-90% Humidity
    Veg = 70-60% Humidity
    Flower = 40-60% Humidity

    I tend to go towards the lower sides of those percentages. Proceed with caution when using a humidifier, without enough circulation any temp under 76 F and above 50% humidity can cause bud mold and ruin the harvest.
  6. The humidity is not the issue... It will help to increase it, however. I have my plants in a constant 30-40% in the low 80s.... My plants LOVE it. and you should see how lush they are.

    How far is your HPS from the plants? Looks like a temp/light related stress in terms of the leaves folding up like that.

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  7. Btw 7.2 is not too acidic. That's way too alkaline (opposite of acidic). The yellowing can be due to nutrient lockout. Start watering with pHd water to 5.5-6.5. Use lemon juice as an acid to lower ph. Test after you've used some and judge what you need.

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  8. The light is about 2 feet away from the plant which is further than the recommended 1.5 feet
  9. 7.2 is the ph of my water that i water with. The ph of the runoff is 5.1
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  10. Okay so your soil is too acidic and you're having nutrient lockout, continue watering with the 7.2 until your runoff gets to about 6.0.

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  11. I think I'm going to go pick up some dolomite lime at HD and add some to the top
  12. Also I followed some of your grow. I have an auto seedling that looks the same as your strange auto seedling currently.
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    Don't add lime unless you'd like to increase your acid concentration. You want to add something ALKALINE if anything. Not acidic.

    Edit: if you're referring to limestone then yes.
    But not lime.
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  14. No kidding? That's my little mutant. Lol

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  15. Dolomite lime is a base. Lime as in limestone not the fruit and yeah Ill go take a pic
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  16. Yeah I went back and edited that. I was a little confused my bad. lol.

    Yeah let me see that bugger

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  17. It happened to mine because the seed shell got stuck on the top and made it grow weird. My other new seedling is doing fine though [​IMG]

    And my other new seedling at normal growth

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  18. Did you pull off the shell? That's wild. The first leaves that appeared out of mine had heavy trichomes and were a weird texture. Crazy phenos. Lol

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  19. Yeah I pulled the shell off and it didnt start to spread out for like 3 days. That seedling is pretty much fucked since its already stunted and an auto. But I guess I will keep it and see if I can get a few grams from it.
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