leaves yellowing and its not time to harvest?

Discussion in 'General' started by jdog86, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. myleaves are yellowing already and my buds arent very dense i dont think there no where near ready its one plant under a 400hps light i was expecting big things but they are not looking good anyone have any ideas im using dutch pro week 6 of flowering under hps in coco [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Good dose of nitrogen,but it kinda depends on the flowering time.
    I have had strains that look trully awfull in the last few weeks.

    I personally like to see that. Means those buds are being wee cannibals & taking every bit of goodness

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  3. It's just n not a big deal i've had way worse looking week 3...you cant catch up but you can slow it down just up your n some and dont pick the leaves till they're dead and dried up
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  4. i thought might be nitrogen but didnt think the plants needed mich in flower?

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  5. they dont but they still need some for photosynthesis
  6. happened to me as well, but I only have like 10 days left to harvest, so it doesn't bother me that much. I'm growing in small containers with minimal use of fertilizer
  7. How much longer do you have? 6 weeks is starting to get later into flowering. Yellowing is common for late stages of flowering. Shows that your plant is using everything it has left.

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  8. Ya when using dutch pro you should not have to deal with much yellowing. Since your only using I base consisting of to bottle (A+B) your yellowing should only be when starting your flush. Whats your ec in your soup your mixing before you water. Your probably border line underfeeding. Dutch pro says you don't need the whole 14 day flush either. 7 to 9 or 10 will do just fine. That way you get a couple or just one good feeding to plump them up. Let me know what that ec is though. In week 6 anything under 2 or 2.1 is to low really 2.3 is ideal. Anymore is typically not good

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  9. ive been under feeding mate by the sounds of it im at 1.8 max ive been at is 1.9 so ill change the way i do it now and keep adding a and b untill i hit around 2.1? sound right?

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  10. Ok so here it is I'm at 16 mls per gal you should not need more than that. You should be at about 1.4 after you put your a in maybe 1.3 when your in weeks you add explode because explode will bump it up 0.1 for your 2.3 understand. If you supplement cal mag you will want to run it a ml per gallon less. That's about the best I can help you. I did it with a one gallon jug to find this out

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