Leaves yellowing and dying fast, please help

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    I haven't had ANY problems until the flowering stage. Used regular unph'd tap water up until a few weeks ago when I got a Ph tester. Tap water Ph was 7.5. I've been giving it Ph'd 6.5 tap water the past few weeks and ttransplanted them to bigger pots to try to combat the leaves yellowing and dying off but it hasn't improved a bit. I've been pulling and picking up dead leaves like crazy... what could be the problem?

    Mg organic soil, plenty of air flow, around 77 degrees, not over or underwatered, no root rot.

  2. They started yellowing at the bottom and worked their way up. ALL of the fan leaves have gotten less green and more yellowish even at the top.

    I thought they might be root bound since they were in kind of small pots, but they haven't improved a bit since transplanting.
  3. They look totally fine to me. This is pretty normal from what I've seen. The plant uses certain leaves it no longer needs, and cannibalizes them for nutes.

    Trim the completely dried leaves, and leave the rest alone.

  4. That's what I wanted to hear, and it seems like that's exactly what its doing, but the leaves are dropping off quite quickly and it doesn't seem like there will be ANY by harvest time (another few weeks yet).

    Here is a pic of the bottom of the plants. It looks awful to me because they used to be so bushy.


    Does this still look normal?
  5. How long are you into flowering? If you are not at the end of flowering (which it looks like you are not) you could have a nitrogen deficiency. Have you been using nutes?

  6. About 5 weeks. I've given them some nutes three times, (at quarter, half, and full strength) since this yellowing/dying started, to try to combat it. I would think they would show atleast some improvement a a day or two later, but it didn't. It also has a bunch of fresh soil so I thought that would help a littlle as well.

    Do you think I'm severely lacking in the nutes department to the point of killing my plants?
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  7. Looks like iron deficiency. I attached a photo from a guide. Either that or nitrogen deficiency, in which case the plant pulls from the leaves at the stage your at.

    What type of soil? Nutes? Ph, tempt, etc? The more you give the better the responses

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  8. Arcticgrower is correct more information is needed. Deficiency is defo a possiblity but what's the temp like in there, I just noticed you have your extraction filter at ground level that's not good. Hot air rises and it is at the top of the room it is best extracted. Cold air in the bottom, up through the plants and out the top.
  9. Just saw in the photo (durrrrr!!!!) its 27C, bit high cud be lower. pH is next then as after about 5 weeks your buds are lookin a bit anorextic.
  10. How long had it been before you gave nutes before you gave it the 1/4, 1/2, full nutes...
    I waited too long on a plant in veg it went like twenty one days with just myco and water and earthworm castings..then it got a phos def and it started showing in every way..red stems, slow growth ,and small leaves and rust on the fans..i gave it a 3/4 bloom nute and it took a week to start growing again..no pests?
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    in that photo it looks like iron def starts at the top? if it does, this isn't that. this started at the bottom and worked up. what about a magnesium def? is that possible?

    I've been pHing the water to 6.5 before feeding for a few weeks. I tried adjusting according to run off but it was extremely inconsistent and just wasn't working. also I put about a tsp of molasses in every other feeding (about every 4 days).

    oh also I'm using schultz plant food (10-15-10). I know, I know, not the best for weed but its the best I could get in the area.

  12. I know its not optimal but I'm limited to where I can put it for stealth. I was worried about it at first too but it works GREAT.

    also that's not 27 degrees its 27% humidity

  13. about 2 weeks. it started yellowing pretty good so I was like oh shit, I should probably feed these. but it still kept getting worse so I tried a little more. that didn't seem to help so then I wondered if it was nute burn so I tried giving it only water. that didn't seem to work so I thought maybe it was root bound so I trnsplanted it into a bigger container. that hasn't made a difference. I really think it looks like a deficiency so I fed it full strength nutes. still dying.

    I think ill pick up some blood meal today... I'm running out of ideas.
  14. I have some Blue Dream that always lose their leave like this. Nothing wrong with them, just the way they are.
  15. It looks like your stems are purple? Not sure cant really tell on my comp. but if they are try lowering your pH to 6.0 thats optimal nitrogen uptake by your roots. Also are you using any Cal Mag? Also I would suggest if you cant find the correct nutes in your area just go online and purchase your products that way you dont have to mess with your grow and increase yield. She deserves the best dont ya think? But she looks good either way I hope you can find out what she needs.
  16. As long as your flowers aren't being affected I'd say you're probably fine. You'll want to cut off nutes and do a light flush soon anyway so your weed doesn't taste like fertilizers. Three of the four strains I have going right now are losing an assload of leaves, which is perfectly normal anywhere from five to seven weeks into flowering.

    Get some dried molasses (if available, check your local grow shop), and mix some into the top inch or two of dirt. Also mix a tablespoon of unsulphered wet molasses into your water along with a tablespoon of raw sugar and give it to your gals every third watering. You could also feed light basic nutes for a week to ten days, just make sure you cut off the nutes at least 10 days from harvest and flush. The molasses will feed your plants micros organically and the sugar will help with final taste and bud size/density.
  17. Mag deficiency or too much phosphorou. I just went thru the same problem. Miracle grow is your big problem. Flush the ladies GOOD with pH 6 water. Wait 4 or 5 days...the leaf loss should slow or stop by then. If it doesn't give them a light feeding of mag and take it from there. Hope this helps
  18. Since you went so long without ph'ing your water it prob. has nute lockout at this point. Flush the hell out of that girl with ph'ed water, wait a few days, feed with proper ph. Just my 2 cents.

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