Leaves yellowing and drooping during 6th week of flower. Any Suggestions???

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    Sorry it's hard to see by the pics, I will posts more in the morning right after the lights go out. (And the hairs in the pics look really red, but they are barely just starting to turn red) Monday will be the start of the sixth week of flower. Just within the last three or four days the leaves have started to yellow and droop. I started PH three days ago and even the runoff is testing at 6.6. Could this be over watering, or under watering? Or should I just give it a few days now that I just started to pH the feedings? I have been watering them approximately a half a gallon each per day. Except for yesterday I didn't water them because the soil was moist and I wanted to see if it would make a difference. It seemed to make the yellowing and drooping worse. I also only got about a half a gallon of water in the dehumidifier compared to the usual gallon plus today due to the lack of water yesterday. Any advise will be greatly appreciated since this is my first grow. I have done so much research and reading I'm going cross eyed.
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    Do your fertilizers have nitrogen? If you're using standard bloom fertilizers, its probably pretty low in nitrogen. How long would you say you have until harvest? If it's still quite a while then get some blood meal and feed it to your plants. But if you're close to harvest, ignore it, it's perfectly normal and part of the aging process.
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    Flowering time is 8-10 weeks. I am 6 weeks into flower. So 2-4 weeks left.
    I am using tiger bloom and yes it has nitrogen. Since I just started PH'ing feedings I am hoping it will help because adding Tiger Bloom lowered water PH from 7.5 to 4.8. I brought it back up to 6.4/6.6

    I gave them a good watering last night with the runoff PH being 6.6. I will take a few pics at 8 when the HPS light goes out.
  4. 2 weeks left, I say let it go.. No worries. Yellowing and dying off leaves are natural during the end of flowering.

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  5. Here are some better pics.
  6. What he said^^^^

    Inhale the good shit
    Exhale the bullshit
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  7. Lookin good to me!

    If it didn't look like that I'd be worried.

    Seriously nice gro brotha, peace.
  8. Looking good! The fans leaves are doing what they are supposed to do in this stage of maturity. 2 more weeks and you'll be good to go.
  9. fan leafs do turn yellow during the last weeks of flowering as the buds feed off the leaves to grow . 
    but this always happens at the bottom of the plant and works its way up , as by ur pics the yellowing is mostly on top. 
    I wouldnt over think it to much , but maybe u should add some type of nutrients with a descent amount of N in the mix , some people use mixes with almost no N for flowering and that kills off the fan leafs a lot quicker. 
    The drooping is from under watering im guessing , as the plant starts to get bigger it will use lots and lots of more water, the 1st 2 weeks of flowering i use 1.5liters of water every 3 days , then the plants start needing more so i do 1.5 liters every 2 days , by the time its a month into flowering im giving my girls 1.5 liter of water a day , if i even miss giving them water by a few hours the whole plant starts too droop.
    but over all great grow and DONT OVER THINK IT, just keep up what u was doing this whole time and maybe add more water and a better nutrients that has a descent amount of N and ull be golden.
    Good luck 
  10. I figured as much, but it's always good to get some advise from some seasoned veterans.
  11. Yeah this doesn't look like natural leaf degradation during flowering. something is lacking, but like the previous posters said don't overthink it, don't overdo it to compensate. Nitrogen looks like an issue but I wouldn't try to boost your levels too much at this stage of flowering.
    looks like overwatering and low nitrogen, though
  12. Whats the name of the strain you are growing and by what breeder? Have you looked at the trichs yet with a pocket scope? When a breeder says like 8-10 weeks flowering time I don't consider that an exact time frame of when they will be done. It might be what he achieved under his grow conditions but yours may vary. The closer your plant is to being done the majority of the hairs will change color and start pulling back in towards the buds but the best way to go by is by looking at the trichs to see how many cloudy and amber trichs you have. If the hairs are just barely starting to turn red then you got more then 2 weeks in my opinion. If you do decide to give them a small nitrogen feed I wouldn't use blood meal, its usually a slow release form of organic nitrogen.
    (And the hairs in the pics look really red, but they are barely just starting to turn red)
  13. Bruce banner. Not sure if it's 3 or 5. And the strain has been past to me through two growers both of which grew it hydro.

    Any suggestions on a good nitrogen feed for soil??
  14. You want organic or does it matter. If your soil isn't a good organic base soil it wont be that beneficial.
  15. Lol, it's super soil from depot.
  16. I concur with the others.  Those babies look beautiful.  I've had all the fan leaves dry up and fall off right before harvest a few times in the past and the bud was still really good.  You should flush really soon and you'll see them bounce back just a little bit before they die back more.  Then it's harvest time and let the good times roll.  At this point your primary concern is curing them properly. 
  17. You mean I can't smoke it right off the plant. Lol. Just kidding. This will be my first harvest (with a little help from a friend) but from what I gather, after drying, I need to jar cure them while still opening jars till completely dry for approx a month. Sound about right?
  18. Yeah, but go slow.  The slower and longer the curing the better.  A buddy of mine empties each jar a few times per day but often forgets them for up to 30 mins.  They dry out way too fast and lose potency, flavor, and smell.  If he just moved them sometimes instead of letting them sit out, they'd retain those better qualities.  Slow curing makes mold more possible in the first week though.  Check them often.  Hope this helps.  :smoke:
  19. So it’s a good sign when the leaves start curling towards end of flower cycle because mine are vannablizing ...

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