leaves yellow, brown spots *PICS*

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  1. hello everyone

    the room was moved from an attic to a basement recently

    everything is going well except for some leaves are turning yellow with brown spots, the spots do not rub off the leaves feel dry, but otherwise the plant is rather healthy

    on to the show




    this is what has me the most worried

    as you can see fromt his last pic, they are really realatively healthy plants

    thanks for ne and all advice

  2. To One Concerned Grower To Another

    My plants are grown outside in the ground and I am having the EXACT same problem. Mine are a little further ahead but still have a good 2 months growing time and I too am really worried about what's going on and how to fix it. Along with the leaves turning yellow and getting brown spots on them, my stems are a dark red/purple colour.

    From a lot of information from various sources, the yellowing of leaves is a mix of a Sulfur and Iron deficiency. The spots being found could be because of a Manganese deficiency. Also in my case, the dark red/purple stems could be a result of a few deficiencies including Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and finally Nitrogen. The cure, apparently, to all of these problems is to foliar feed the plant (spraying the plant with a fine mist from a spray bottle) with the correct amount of plant food mixed into it.

    Since I live in Canada, I researched plant food companies specifically made for and in the Country for (hopefully) best results. I have found that in all the different kinds of liquid plant food, the 'All Purpose' or 'Bloom' has the best and highest mix of the nutrients to fix our problem. I am going out tomorrow to buy some liquid plant food and am going to start foliar feeding immediately! I have come to understand that I should see improving results within 4-5 days if this is indeed the problem. I will be sure to post my findings back here!!

    Good luck with your babies, I know how much it hurts to see them sick and hurting!

    A Concerned Grower

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