Leaves yellow and not blooming

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Kr123, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Ive started an outdoor grow in my greenhouse. Ive germinated them fine and placed them in fox farms ocean forest soil. They are turning yellow or just not blooming. I water them with a ph of 6.3. Ive dropped 80 dollars on my seeds and i kinda dont want them to die... please help 20170811_113845.jpg 20170811_113827.jpg
  2. Doesn't look like there is much soil and t looks kinda wet. Maybe overwatering? Also, looks really deep inside the solo cup...getting enough light?

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  3. Too much water. No drainage. The roots are downing. Not enough light.
  4. Ive cut the solo cup in half for light and i wont water it for a couple days, but should i still have plastic bags on top of the cup... it makes water in the bag

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  5. Do you have drainage holes at the bottom of your cup(s)?
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  6. Yes i just added them today
    Will that help them grow faster

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  7. It will keep your plant from drowing itself. Before you added the holes your plant was suffocating. This should help with the yellowing. It won't technically help your plant grow faster but it will keep your plant alive.
  8. Ffof is too hot for seedlings bro. They won't make it. U gotta wait until they grow out of the seedling stage to introduce ffof
  9. If your gonna use Fox farms just pour about a 1.5 gallons of 6.5 water through a day or so before you plant and let it run off.. kinda flushes it out a lil bit.. helps alot.. also why not fill up the while cup with soil completely ?

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  10. Can i take the spouts out of soil and put it in rock wool or something or would that make it worse

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  11. If the root is not too long you can transfer to rockwool. When you put the rockwool in soil make sure it doesnt have exposure to the sun. it will make the rockwool mold

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