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  1. my leaves are starting to twist slightly at the bas its happening to two diffrent strains can some one help me please
  2. Twisting at the base of the leaves or the base of the plant? Are all the leaves doing this?
    Any difference in color? What type of lights are you using and how far away are they? I am watching CSI and stoned hehe...Need more details :)
  3. they are on there second set of leaves and they seem to be twistin from the centre of the plant im useing a fluro growlux and they are about two inches from the light as it is still nice and cool the colour is staring to go lighter from the centre as well
  4. Hey DownUnder
    Tell us your fertilizing schedule, type of lights, and other conditions. If the leaves are twisting and are green and healthy looking, I would not worry about it. Sometimes the leaves grow out deformed. On the other hand, if they are starting to brown then you have a problem. Answer the above questions and we can better figure it out.
  5. im using dutch master im using the shedual thats in the catalouge for advanced grow they get waterd every second day the light situation needs to be upgraded and im doing that today. you are right about the deformatys
    as one of my babys is growing two sets of leaves from the same tip will post a pic later today my ph level is 6.8 / 7.0 is this ok im in growdon cubesunder clay rocks in a kitty liter tray
  6. i had that happen recently as well. I atributed it to high ph. I lowered the ph and now all is well. though im using hydro, it seems similar as your ph is also high. do whatever it takes to get your ph as close to 6.5 and you ought to see improvements. if you are also using hydro, then maintain a 5.5 ph at all times. you may have to adjust it twice a day, depending on your water and ferts.
  7. HIGH All, stop if your feeding them.....just too young and it sounds like your leaves are starting to react to it...just water it next time when your watering schedule is.
  8. here is a pic of the leaves twisting and the second set of leaves on the tip
    p.s thanks for all your help
    ph was around 5.5 but thats when it started so im going to try the just water and see how that gose thanks again everyone

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  9. HIGH All, 5.5 is lowest one should grow in Hydro...mine are 5.6 and let it Drift to 6.9 and then it's change time.

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