leaves twisting??

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  1. the first set of leaves on one of my plants are twisting. anyone know the reason this is happening? :confused:

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  2. I had the same prob and I found a bunch on info through google...Mine were twisting because I had too much side lighting and the plant was confused about which way to grow..
  3. Is that pre-ferted soil?
  4. PH is the issue that is bothering your little plant :D

  5. exactly right. Leaves tend to twist and contort due to pH instability. If you dont correct it soon, they will just crinkle up and die due to an inability to function properly.
  6. do i need to increase the ph or lower it??

    this is how the lights are set up.

    the soil is named Sta-Green, moisture max potting mix with fertilizer.

    .14 nitrogen-.11 phosphate-.8 soluble potash/sulfer.

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  7. if you have nuted soil.. expect them to show signs of nute burn in 5-7 days. typicaly at day 10-14 of germination they will start pretty much dieing and turning yellow and burning. you never germinate seeds in fertilizers.

    once they stop using there lil first set of leaves as food. they will start absorbinng with their roots and eventually die like mine did.

    ph asjusting is done with water. you test your water with a test kit. includes 3 solutions. 1 to test. 2 to correct up or down. then you flush with 3x the amount of your soil. so 1 gallon grow pot gets 3 gallons of water to flush. 1 cup gets 3 cups of water.

    avoid over watering also.
  8. Move the lights closer, CFL's should never be more than 5-6 inches away. Ideally they should be 2-4 inches from plant matter.

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