Leaves twisting? Any help?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Kronikman420, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. I tried looking through forums & couldn't rly find anything that sounded like my situation.

    Ok, so at first a few of the leaves on the plant started to twist at the tips, like, twisting like a spiral. Well now the whole leaves that were twisting are turning sideways the same way the leaves started twisting

    I kinda think they may not be getting enough water? In a 5 gal bucket using about a gal or so of water between 6 of buckets every 2 days or so. I try using a soil moisture meter & the dryness of top of soil to judge if they need. Should I be watering more often & more each watering? Some plants are up to 3' tall

    thank you to anyone who replies
  2. We need way more info to help you

    Nutes? Which ones, when? At what strength etc

    A picture would also help a lot. ;):)
  3. I heard twisting was pH.

    Thank you for knowing that a lot is two words. Rare these days.
  4. Thank you for knowing that 'thank you' is two words, also a rarity. :rolleyes: We're word snobs. :laughing:

    Yes, twisting is often due to wonky pH but it would be irresponssible to diagnose without all the info to hand. ;)
  5. Sorry, I'm kinda new to this..

    400w hps
    fox farm ocean Forrest soil
    5 gallon buckets
    6 buckets total in approx 3'x3' space
    I've been giving them just a slight amount of earth juice bloom for nutrients

    other then that I haven't given em anything but Distilled water. I plan on adding other stuff to soil next time after reading up on home made soil mixtures but that's what I used for first go at it.

    I can try to take pics later but it appears as if the bottom leaves of the plants are starting to yellow & die off. Started veg Jan 1st & flower about 3 weeks into February. The buds are forming & crystalizing but they seem to be growing rather slowly. The plants themselves are all aprox 2.5-3' tall. Started to flower when they were only 12" tall.

    The PH tester I have is rather cheap & makes it hard to tell what th PH is exactly. Dunno if I should invest in a digital one for better readings?

    How much water per gallon of soil is a good amount per watering? I've been using about 1-2 gallons per 30 gallons of soil total between all 6 every 2-3 days. I am thinking that isn't near enough?

    Hope that helps a little. Thank you!
  6. I don't think watering is your problem, trust your instincts with watering and let the plants talk to you, if they droop then they are either over or under watered. We can't tell you an amount to water because it depends on your conditions. :)

    Yes, get a decent, digital pH pen. It does sound as though pH is the issue but a pic would be helpful. :) I wouldn't feed anymore nutes until the problem is sorted. ;) Depends how bad it is really, it iis normal to lose some leaves during flowering....post a pic. :smoking:

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