Leaves Turning yellow with brown spots.

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  1. First-time grower here. Can anyone help me diagnose this? I'm growing Blueberry autos under some HGL Quantum boards in soil (Fox Farms) they are in tall 5 gal pots. Everything was going great until a few weeks ago and now this looks pretty bad. Some of the stems of the leaves you can pull right off. I have been watering between 6.5 - 6.8 since day one.

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  2. Have you by any chance fed it any nutes between that time brother.?
  3. I did during veg I was feeding General Hydroponics Trio. Weeks 2-4 was 2.5ml Micro 2.5ml Grow and 1ml Bloom per gallon of water. And I made sure to PH water after adding nutes. I was feeding every other watering. I decided to stop feeding since I read Foxfarms soil can be 'Hot"
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  4. Are you sure your PH meter is calibrated correctly? Even if it was when you first got it, they can go out of wack after a few weeks. If it is, try dropping PH to between 6.1-6.3
  5. Calibrated every time before watering. Some people told me since I'm growing at soil to not even bother pH ing my water unless adding neuts. Out of the tap my water is close to 9.5. Will the soil buffer that down where it needs to be? I also added dolomite lime when I was mixing my soil into the pots I believe it was 5 tablespoons 1 tbsp per gallon soil. Should I continue to pH my tap water at the acceptable ranges or just try watering directly off the tap. My run off is very low like 4.3 to 4.6.
  6. Something in your soil is making the PH go way to low it seems. Low runoff is most likely your problem. I would flush with plain water until your runoff is above 6. Then feed with PH between 6 and 6.5
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  7. The PH is your problem for sure. Flush with PH adjusted water to 6.5 until you get that run off. To many nutes can cause PH to go low along with other things too.
    I'll add a PH chart, right now you are having deficiencies or lockouts due to low PH.
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  8. Ph chart.jpg
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  9. Thanks, I will flush and until my runoff ph rises and then continue watering at an acceptable Ph range.

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