leaves turning yellow and leavs curling down

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  1. hey guys i have 3 bag seeds growing in solo cups. They have 4 100w cfls over them about 3 inches away. they have been growing about a week and a half now. I have noticed that the center is turning yellow and some of the leaves are curling down. i checked ph and its good, so yesterday i started feeding them nutes. they are still droopy though. any ideas??

    also one of the plants did something weird when it sprouted and twisted the stem and started growing like that. almost like the stem spirled up for one complete circle, but its still growing as fast as the others, just have to balance it with toothpicks. lol
  2. Probably overwatering, what's your schedule? Post some pics too btw.

  3. Be careful nutes before you actually get an educated diagnosis for your problem. One of the biggest mistakes beginner growers make is adding nutes to a plant that is already suffering from nute burn or lockout.
  4. Too soon for nutes. Wait until they get their 3rd leaf set not counting the feeder leaves.
  5. Hello i have 9 blue moon plants a couple have the leaves folding down just a couple leaves though if i cut them off the plant will still live right? also have feed with fish emulsion5-1-1

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  6. Do not remove them! only if they are yellowed completely. Curling doesnt necessarily mean you having problems.
  7. ok i will not do remove um thanks for the advice hopefully it works i will post a update about middle of the week to see if they did ok on there own if not got another batch started just in case
  8. do not remove even if they are lookin like they are closing correct? i dont mean there close to it but thats what it kinda looks like now also i have the lights on 20 hours on 4 off
  9. As long as your lighting is 18 hours of light or more youll be fine.

    Do not remove green leaves! they are what creates photosynthesis and in turn they are what determines nutrient intake. If you cut a few green leaves when they are full grown ladies , no big deal. But your shit is barely 2 weeks out of the ground and would go into shock if you do any trimming. ;possibly kill them altogether. Be patient, pay attention to your girls and keeps us posted.
  10. Ok thank you for your advice and i will keep posted next post be middle of the week not bad after two weeks huh not all of them are curled

  11. could just be the strains growing process. maybe just new leaves opening not closing. it looks healthy to me
  12. Hey thank's for the advice once agin not every plant is doing this maybe its just the retard out of um i will post a update late mid or early this week finger's are crossed
  13. New to growing. Had run into some problems, my dog got ahold of my smart pot and I had to transplant my girl ASAP and after transplanting tops started turning a light green almost yellow and the tips of the leaves drooping is this normal?

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