Leaves turning yellow and getting crispy help!!!

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  1. My plants are 13 days old and 27 days old its 4 total but 2 of them are starting to yellow and brown on the leaves idk how to upload photos from the app or i would
  2. Yellow brown and crispy is not good for seedlings. Did they get too hot, too much sun, too much fertilizer? If they even live they will be runts.

    It might be time to start over.
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  3. These are the plants using miracle gro soil and the plant food

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  4. Transplant immediately
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  5. Don’t feed seedlings.
    Perlite is your friend.
  6. The middle pic is the cotlyedon leaves dying off which is normal.

    The others look like over feeding and possibly to much watering. Everything looks soaked. Stop spraying them

    Miracle grow will feed your plants every watering rather they need it or not. So the more water you give, the more nutrients you give.

    They're to young to need feeding so miracle grow isnt going to be much help with their water released nutrient bullshit. I also see no added perlite or any signs of any other type of aeration amendments. Therefore your soil won't drain well and will not need watered much.
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  7. i think the government made miracle gro to kill noobs weed. you arent the first. and wont be the last. use a quality soil for weed. like ffof. or happy frog. get them outta there asap.
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  8. In my own opinion I would never recommend miracle gro. It's a slow release nutrient supply good for 4 months but not at the levels needed. Having said that Most soil and the seed itself come packed with plenty of food until first week or so of veg. I definitely believe in less is more. Anyways your asking in the right place. Allot of good info. Transplant right away and keep on truckin

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  9. It seems like nute burn. My plants just went threw the same and since you're using miracle grow I'm 90% positive its definitely nute burn. Miracle grow can grow plants but its certain kinds and definitely not for seedlings. I used fox farm ocean mix and that even burned the seedlings. For first soil just get plain potting mix with nothing in it then once your seedlings go to veg switch to fox farm or something else. Trust me it sucks having to spend $$ on good soil but in the long run its better, I learned the hard way and wasted 15 bucks on some shitty soil that completely stunted the plants growth. Good luck
    Edit: upon looking at the pics you should start over. It seems there few other deficiencies effecting the plant to could be hard to pin point. If you cant or dont want to start over only thing I'd suggest is to either a) fill a pot with the miracle grow soil and flush it so there wont be any food then transplant into it or b) start over

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