Leaves turning yellow and falling off

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  1. ive ran into some issues recently the last 2 weeks and originally thought a nitrogen deficiency was the issue being that I did not use nutrients the first month and a half but have been using jungle juice 3 part system and it appears to be getting worse. I'm using pro mix 4 and have tested ph at 6.2 in water and 6.5 in soil. Wondering if mayby they are root bound or need to be flushed ? I am new at this so the help is appreciated.

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  2. Your plants have used up all the good in the soil they're in and are hungry most likely. The easiest way to pep them up is repot them into a larger container with some fresh good quality grow soil. They're out of whack in some way. A health plant will be a rich blue/green color. Yours is really washed out. You say you've been feeding, but if so....it's not going too well or they wouldn't be this color. I vote a repot into fresh soil and just leave them alone for a while. Only straight water in the correct range for soil (6.3 to 6.7). I know that with outdoor plants, you have rain to contend with and the pH doesn't seem to affect them quite a negatively as with the indoor grow, but keeping the pH of the water and feed solutions you mix up to give your plant keeps the roots open and healthy and able to take up nutrients. If you've watered for a long time with the pH out of range, you might have salt build up around your roots and it might be blocking them from the nutes you've been giving. In any case, fix the pH range of your water and repot into a larger container with fresh soil. Give them about a week or a little more and they'll jump right back to normal for you. TWW
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  3. I probably should of added that it's pro mix 4 aggregate mix. As far as I know it's a soiless mix which is which i thought oh was supposed to be between 5.8 and 6.5
  4. Your girls are hungry. They need Ca bad. They also are asking for K. Get a nice strong feed on those ladies, and make sure it involves micros. Good luck.
  5. I think they are rootbound although a lack of nutrients doesn't help either. I find that rootbound plants leaves will yellow starting slowly from the bottom up. The yellow leaves will feel fragile and easily pluck off. I would repot her into a larger container (5 gallon or larger) and feed it a kelp tea to minimize stress. That should take care of the problem imo.

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