leaves turning yellow and ends twisting?!

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  1. PLEASE HELP. i noticed today and yesterday lots of leaves are yellowing? seems like the bigger older fan leaves are yellowing with brown spots and the smaller ones are distorting, yellowing and growing brown spots. i fertilizer with bloom booster only been fed once last week. watered every couple of days. its an outdoor plant 6 or so weeks into flower.[​IMG] 1457077150826.jpg [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. How long has it been in that particular container? Could it be root bound? Give us all the information you can about your grow and how you grow. How do you determine if it's time to water or not? These plants like defined wet/dry cycles to stay healthy and thrive and do not like their roots sitting in moisture all the time. So...with watering every couple of days, my guess is over watering. Do you manage the pH of the water you use? If not, you've probably locked up the roots of this plant and it will need to be flushed. Flush: Running tap water through the plant at a rate of 3:1 water/gallon size of container...with the last 2 or 3 gallons going through being properly pH adjusted. Once it's flushed, set it in the sun and leave it alone until the container feels like it did when you loaded it with fresh soil. Then it's time to feed at a very diluted dose...much less than the manufacturers recommend, so you don't burn it. You can increase the ppm's of your feeds as it becomes used to being fed and you'll have to feed it until harvest since you totally wash the nutrients out of the soil with a flush.

    If it were me, I would take it out of the dirt it's in and gently wash the roots clean. Then repot it into a larger container with fresh formulated grow soil. Water it in with correctly pH'd water and put it back in the sun. It'll shock it, but it will thank you down the road with new growth and nicer buds. You can transplant once they've started flower. It just shocks the plant a little bit and you have to account for that when calculating flowering time. Some of what I see just looks like old growth die off. But the plant doesn't look very happy from what I can see so something's not right. Hope this helps a little. TWW
  5. well its been in this big ass container for about 2 months now. i doubt its root bounda its like a 30 gallon bucket.. i water it 3 times a week and give a little seaweed fert every water and i use the bloom booster once every 10 days

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  6. i have checked the soil ph and its around 6.5 - 6.9.. i cant test water cause i cant find anything to test it with

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  8. I am suffering from winged root aphids and my plants look similar. Yellowing of leaves turning to the brown spots. Almost a phantom magnesium deficiency. The way the leaves are hanging at 4th second of the video. Like they are hot and can't get full hydration. Check the root ball for bugs. Winged critters and aphid looking critters walking the pot edge.

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